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  1.  highly overrated


    This film tries to be so much more than it is and struggles to engage throughout. Being just the first half of the book the film has a slow pace and of course creates no climax. No one goes to see a film for the beggining so it shouldn't be a surprise that this film isn't so good and hopefully part 2 will be an improvement (it would struggle not to be). The fact that when reviewing this film you have to highlight that part 2 should be better is a sign that this film cannot be seen as a good standalone movie and i feel that when your charging people to see 2 parts to one film both parts should be as equally good and worth the money. Sadly i feel this film doesnt impress and infact highlights the crucial flaw in all harry potter films, the acting. As the title suggests this film is highly overrated but still does what it needs to set up part 2 unfortunately thats all it is a set up for a better film.

  2.  great split screen


    only played the split screen with a friend and it was extremely fun and testing. so many ways of completing one small part of the mission. the split screen is a whole new game in itself. Im sure the campaign mode will just as good if not better . A must have for any 360 fan and a worthy competitor to any other game.

  3.  woow just briliant


    payed 11 hours since getting itis morning im addicted its just brilliant and theres so much to do, if you liked the first you'll love this one its done the impossible and improved on the first. Unlike the first it never gets repetitive All can say is get it!

  4.  very good game


    a very good game, although i am not a regular player of flight sim games this one has made me think diferently brilliant gameplay and the graphics are good