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  1.  Awful


    I was really looking forward to this as i loved the first one, but it's dire. Parts of it actually contradict, or at least,clash with the first (why, if alessa is so important, did they bully and abuse her so much as a child? you wouldn't do that to someone who you needed so much) A whole religious order, different from the first, was suddenly created, but was meant to have been there all the time, and it all just clashed. Nothing made sense, the monsters were pointless, (in the first they had some logicv behind why they looked as they did) it was just a big snooze. in many ways it was the first one redone. Instead of exploring a hospital for Alessa, 'Sharon' is exploring a mental asylum for an old man. nothing new on offer.

  2.  Underrated tense bit of brilliance


    I had never heard of this, but film 4 had a horror season so i watched it. It's very good. tense, gripping, and the acting is excellent. The young male lead can really act, without saying a word! it's all in his eyes, and the cfrazies are just brilliant. Rather like the people under the stairs meets the texas chainsaw massacre, but better than both, i think.

  3.  Just excellent


    Watched this last night, after waiting ages for it to come onto sky box office, and it's excellent. It's funny, in a clever, dry, sarcastic sort of way, not slapstick daft Had me laughing out loud in places. And it's just brilliant, humour aside, the plot, the twist, the monsters, all of it. But i think you have to be a true horror fan to appreciate it, or at least, have watched at least one teenage type horror flick!

  4.  bad script, bad acting, just bad


    I wish i could sue movie makers for the hours of my life back wasted on rubbish. This would be one of those. It was awful. Awful script, (line that stands out, the ghost saying, come with me" if you dare." seriously. no ghost should ever be daring anyone. how is that scarey? dares are what kids do. not spooky spirits!) bad acting, everyone was so bla, no expression, no commitement, nothing. one character even told the spooky ghost to go away, that he didn't sleep with the dead, or something along those lines. he wasn't afraid of her, so why should anyone else really be?

    just stupid. not even enough funny deaths to make it worth while.

  5.  a pleasant surprise


    I thought this would be a rip off of the Saw films, or something like the People Under the Stairs and didn't expect much, but i was pleasantly surprised. It was tense, in places, i even hid my eyes a few times, and watched it on the edge of my seat, never sure what would happen next. Finally, a fairly decent modern horror!

  6.  dull and too long


    I love fantasy films, but this bored the pants off of me. I could barely understand the little girl, the fantasy scenes, though pretty, were not particularly excited, and the whole thing was far too long. I don't understand why it's rated as highly as it is. I stopped watching it twice because i was so bored, and only stuck with it because I'd paid to rent it and didn't want to waste my cash. Instead i wasted my time.

  7.  good fun but far too easy


    Some of the puzzles were challenging, and the plot itself was cute and enjoyable, but overall, it was far too easy. I finished within a few days and many of the puzzles could be easily solved once you understand how they worked or thought about the question properly, instead of assuming you knew what it meant. None of them taxed me for very long and some i solved without really understanding how or what the answer actually was!

    It's a good game, lots of fun, i liked the chess puzzles and the moving block ones the most, but overall it's too easy for the price. Perhaps suitable for teens rather than adults.