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    Ed Sheeran - CD

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    As a follower of Ed for many years its great to see hes finally broke through into the big time. I always said he would be big and now hes massive. According to radio one last week plus is the 8th biggest selling album of the year. That alone is impressive considering its only been released in the last quarter of 2011. Ed is a talented musician he can drift in an out of genres with ease his collaborations are always powerful and his lyrics meaningful. You can sit with this album and not have to change track. From start to finish its a masterpiece. I would point out my favorite tracks but I would have to say the entire album. Buy it now you wont regret it.

  2.  fight night is genious!


    If you have played any of the previous fight nights in the series you will immediately notice the fighting controls have been moved to the analog sticks. If your impatient and dont give chance to learn the new style you will not like the game. However if you learn how to use it properly you will come to realize its a brilliant move by ea and the game flows much better like this. It helps if youre a boxing fan and have a basic knowledge of the sport. Being able to fight on the outside get in close or knowing how to utilize your jab effectively are all essential if you want to get better and progress at the game. The online ranks are amazing lots of options to choose from and you can have real wars with real life opponents, the game accurately builds up the tension and atmosphere of boxing. For example you can go in to the last round knowing you need a knock out and if you achieve it you feel like a boxing legend. The online mode is by far the best part of the game and the replay value because of this is massive. A decent selection of boxers on offer but a good created boxer share section were you can download other peoples surprisingly good created fighters of the missing characters is good enough to balance out any disappointing misses. I myself have downloaded the likes of amer kahn prince naseem and floyd mayweather . For the money it costs fight night has loads to offer just give it chance to learn the ropes and you will be hooked.

  3.  amazing driving album


    Crack the bass up because this album is amazing from start 2 finish great driving album. With such hits as give it to me, apologise, and the way i are it was destined 2 be great. Not just the releases of the album but more or less every track is great i like come an get me with fiddy cent an tony yayo and bounce from step up 2. Just an amazing album from start 2 finish buy it !

  4.  before i self destruct an destroy the cd


    i like fiddy cent. I do, all his previous albums have been decent with the exception of his debut get rich or die trying that was excellent and his best album to date. I dont understand people who give this 5 stars they must be die hard fiddy fans that refuse to see how poor it is because they love fiddy so much. If you listen to this album track by track its poor. Its hard to see honestly how he can bring out more than 3 mabe 4 singles of the album. Great hip hop albums u rarely change the track. Each track is great. This is really not one of them albums. There is 16 tracks on this album and in all honesty there is about 4 good tracks. The rest are just there to make numbers up. the only good tracks are baby by me, ok your right, psycho, and so disrespectful. 4 tracks on a 16 track album really aint good enough. Im a big fiddy fan want to like it but cant its a big disapoitment.

  5.  chippy chip brilliance


    ok i first thought this album would b a mixture of alot of not very catchy songs with afew hits in between but how i was wrong. There is the big hitters such as Diamond rings chip diddy chip and oops daisy but suprisingly it dont stop there. there are also catch tunes like beast business loose my life. All in all 13 tracks on the album an id say easily 8 r quite dam good you will b humming sum catchy beats from the chip myster 4 a while to come. great debute album

  6.  original and funny!


    Ive just come back from the cinema this minute. I jsut cant weight for this to come to blu ray. The most original comedy i have seen in quite some time. It manages to deliver from start to finish with laughs constantly through the film. A story that i have not come across in a comedy film before an great acting aswel. All in all a must see and must buy. Anyone no when this is goint 2 b released on blu ray please tell me