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  1.  Good game but flawed


    Let me just say that this game is a massive improvement on the first but it's still got some of the flaws that should have been sorted. First off the game has some great scenery and it looks amazing, although some of the character animations and designs are not as nice to look as some of the buildings. Personally the biggest flaw this game has is that they made the run faster button the same button as the climb button and that for me as a big no no. Other than the silly button setting and ugly characters there's not much wrong with the game. Enjoy.

  2.  Back to rapture


    So we return to rapture and this time you have more things out to get you than before. This time a few things have been tweaked and it's for the better. Hacking now happens in real time so you have to choose when to hack certain machines. For the first time you can go outside of rapture and walk on the ocean floor to get a different view of rapture. Personally this game is just as good as the first and a worthy follow up, there are a few things the first game does better but it's a really good sequel. Multiplayer which I was sceptical about at first Is another decent addition not the best multiplayer but not the worst I have played. This is well worth the money as it is becoming one of the best franchises out there. Bring on Bioshock Infinite.

  3.  Finally a exclusive kart game for the ps3


    Simply put this game is awesome. Simple controls and even simpler create tools makes this a must have for kart racers or people who want to create the ultimate kart, racer and track. Of the few creation games out there this has the easiest creation tools I have used to date. Seriously after I had the game for 10 minutes I had already created 3 racers a kart and a track it's so easy even your gran could create something. The only hard part of the game is the career mode which sometimes can be a little on the unfair side at times but persist with it and you have yourselves a stunning little kart game. And yes you can create Mario.

  4.  Good game but still has some of rockstars flaws.


    Let's get one thing straight this is a really good game I mean it's about time there was a decent western game out there. Rockstar have made a gem of a western but I can understand where people come from when they say it gets boring I mean you may have to get from one side of the map to another and although it's nice to get on a horse and take in the scenery it can be a little tiresome. Personally I don't think much to the character designs or animation as I think all rockstar characters are pretty dire. Where characters don't live up to much the same can't be said for the horses, they are stunning as is the scenery. So overall this game essentially GTA on horseback but at a slower pace. For the few little niggles I have encountered I still have found it a better game than GTA4. Well worth it, it needs to be in your collection.

  5.  Ok, but not as perfect as people think.


    The main problem I have found with modern warfare 2 is that it's so inconsistent. I'm not saying it's a bad game, anything but I think it's a good shooter but unless you have a really fast Internet connection prepare to get very angry very quickly. Guns are overpowered, and the knife should have a better animation like the one in battlefield 2 as a slash should not be able to kill you in one move. Overall though modern warfare 2 is a good game but in my opinion is a little bit overratted.

  6.  They've done it again.


    So here it is the final in what has been a trilogy of ratchet and clank games and I have to say it ends the trilogy on a high. Graphics are top notch as is the voice acting. As it has done in previous games humour is here in abundance. The game has lots of replay value with extra modes becoming available. So overall it's another quality first party title from Sony that deserves to be in your collection.

  7.  Move over metal gear there's a new reason to get a ps3.


    Where to begin. Uncharted 2 is a truly exceptional game that needs to be played to be believed. The set pieces in this game seem to beat some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters out and they surpass most things seen in games to date. Marry these set pieces up with the finest graphics seen on a console to date and your on to a winner. If you have the original or not I strongly recommend that both the uncharted games be in your collection as they are a fine set of games. Even the multiplayer has alot to offer in uncharted 2 and can easily kill a few hours without you realising it. As the title says move over metal gear it looks like uncharted 2 has stolen your crown for being one of the main reasons for getting a ps3.