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  1.  It's alright


    This is it in a nutshell, better than Quantum but no where near as good as Casino Royale!

  2. SSX



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    I couldn't wait for this game following all the hype over the internet. Yes it looks and sounds great but have to agree with all the negatives. Ssx tricky was my favorite and it needs to get back to the arcade racer that I fell in love with. When you watch the X games on tv you don't see any competitors wrapping themselves around trees or falling to their deaths, the rewind is awfull and pointless but I like the introduction of the wing suit. Need to go back to basics, please. I will never trade this game in because I will master it like I did with tricky then I will add a star but must try harder with the next one.

  3.  Stylish Jacket


    Received today, happy with purchase and a bargain. GF saw it and wanted me to have it. Tried it on and looks stylish!

  4.  So Far, So Good


    I'm up to level 9 at the moment and so far I love this game. Everything from the weapons you find or create to the kicking and punching the different types of zombies (some are stronger and faster than others). The island is fun to explore and I read that the missions are repetetive but I havn't found that to be the case. Saving your progress is much better than Dead Rising But I do find being in 1st person is a little frustrating when surrounded by the undead unlike Dead Risings 3rd person. But its still a game that keeps you hooked.

  5.  Finaly!


    Finaly a summer movie that has been as good as the trailer promised, this one I enjoyed after the dissapointment of blockbusters this summer. Daniel Craig is convincing as a the rough and rugged outlaw that is trying to get his memory back after waking in the middle of the dessert with a strange bracelet strapped to his wrist. Harrison Ford is Harrison ford playing a hard as nails ranch owner with a bee in his bonnet after Daniels character has robbed him of his gold. Enter the aliens hell bent on destroying everything and taking everyone and with the help of his flashbacks and a mysterious beauty, everyone join forces to hunt for the aliens and find the abducted. Jon Favereu directs and Steven Spielberg produces a great action adventure which can pass as a good authentic western when the aliens are not on screen. A big improvement to his dissapointing Iron Men movies.

  6.  terrible


    This movie is terrible, the fight scene with Affleck as the lawyer when he firsrt meets Garner is some of the worst choreography I have ever seen. I give 1 star for Colin Farrell and it spawns Electra which is even worse so I would take the star away if I could. Avoid at all costs!

  7.  Playstation 3 problem!


    I've given the movie 5 stars because i love it and agree with almost all of the reviews that have been given on play.com. I did have a problem viewing the movie on the playstation3 console as I watch all my movies this way becaus at the moment I'm too tight to purchase a blu ray player. I would get the 20th century fox logo and the fanfares but just a black screen, so I put it down to a fault with the disc and returned it and play.com happily returned my money, (thankyou). I purchased the movie again and did a bit of research and found it was a common problem with the BD live setting on the console so this is what I did. 1, go to the settings and scroll down to video settings. 2, scroll down to BD internet connection and swicth to confirm. 3, each time when a movie is put in it will ask you if you want it to connect to the internet just say no and you will have no problems. Hope this is useful.Now I can enjoy this great film without any hiccups. I had this problem with one other movie and now I can watch it so all is good.

  8.  Very Entertaining.


    Warning this is a PG movie. It is a cute and cuddly movie but it does have a very dark undertone. Zemekis has come up with another very realistic animation with an adult theme, this time the fear of losing your mother after Martians spying on families on earth come across a mother that is strict on her son when it comes to chores. They arrive on Earth to abduct her and wakes the boy up in the proccess, he stowes away on the ship and comes across a man that has been through the same ordeal decades earlier, with his help and the help of a few freindly martians go on an adventure to rescue the boys mother. I did watch this with my 6 year old daughter and she did enjoy it but I can see why it would be a concern for other children. This is a top notch movie thats very entertaining but at times can be dark. Dissapointed its not available in blu ray as the animation is amazing!

  9.  My top 5 of all time!


    I've not purchased this film yet on blu ray because I'm keeping my fingers crossed as next year is its 30th anniversary and it needs to have a proper release packed with interviews, behind the scenes and a tidy up of that ropy scene with the poor editing. This movie is in my top 5 movies of all time and there hasn't been a movie in its genre come any where near its quality since. Directed by Tobe hooper ( Texas chainsaw masacre ) this has producer Steven Spielbergs mark all over it, from the middle class suburban family in peril to the edge of you seat suspence that made Spielberg a master of movie making. The fx still look amazing 29 years on, the camera work and soundtrack along with the story and strong cast make this a movie that new generations will keep watching for another 3 decades. A must have!

  10.  Brilliant!


    I love this film, its nothing but brilliant! You get to know all the main characters in the first half hour and as soon as the mist arrives it has you gripped. The fx are not the greatest but you don't mind because the plot and tha acting are superb. The customers being held hostage in the store by a threat that only a few believe at first split the group in two and that what makes the film stand out as arguing, name calling, religion and muder all takes place while still trying to survive whats lurking outside in the mist and the ending will have you thinking about it for days after. Well worth the price.