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  1.  Budget Gaming


    Title says it all, if your on a budget then go for this, you wont be disappointed. Bought for F1 2010 & 2011 when it comes out and it works great on F1 2010. It takes a bit of setting up to get all the buttons and feeling in the wheel as you like it but its not really a big problem.

    The pedals are also solid which what i was worried about but i need not have worried, they are spot on!

    The only thing i would have a worry about is the angle of turn on the wheel. It rotates either way till 270 i think but after say 100 degree turn you start to push on the elastic mechanism which could maybe cause problems in 6months or so if you really be harsh with it but you cant expect much for 40 pounds and you do get your monies worth at that.

    Reasons to buy
    1. If you are first time wheel user like me then buy this
    2. If your on a budget like me then buy this , g25, g27? are ye mad!
    3. It is worth every penny of its price
    4. If you have big feet like me then buy this because a clutch could get in your way.

    If you have some monies for this now but maybe your still holding back on mixed reviews then save a little more and go for the Ferrari 430 wheel which is nice at 80 pounds but if your just looking to have some serious fun on a driving game then this is your best bet

    Cheap enough just incase you dont like wheels :)

    As i long term user of a xbox controller on GTR2, RACE 07, F1 2010 i can at last say that i am coverted to using wheels now and am only on day 2 of using it. I am already beating my tt times on f1 2010 and overall just a better balance and control of whats happening on screen compared to a controller.

    Overall view out of 10 is a very well earned 9/10 1 point against for the elastic mechanism which isnt bad but just a feeling of cheap about it that it could break :) if you ignore it and just race it wont be a problem during your gaming session.