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  1.  Good, but fairly shallow


    Though the graphics are not that impressive ( no anti-aliasing at all unless you over-ride yourself ! ), this game makes a REALLY good impression on anyone tired of other MMOs.

    It has lots of fun innovations, but they are entirely dependent upon the participation of other players - even on the busiest servers a lot of the content is simply unattainable due to everyone being busy and spread out.

    You get to participate in PvP from the very start, and even sieges early on - which is very good but...
    Characters level VERY slowly from mid-game onwards, so I ended up seeing all of the PvE content with my first character and still needed a ton of PvP to make any progress !

    The PvP is more fun than other MMOs, but it is still an MMO so long play sessions of nothing but point & click PvP gobbled up all my enthusiasm within a few weeks.

    Regarding the trimmings : character models are mostly ugly ( of course some are meant to be so suits those well ), creation options are circa the 20th century, armor is very samey ( deliberately - for PvP ease ), customization is negligible ( the hyped Trophies are tiny ), crafting is deficient, no housing, no out-of-combat activities...
    In short ; look to WAR for the PvP and group play, not for any of the usual MMO stuff to obsess over.

    I would certainly recommend that MMO fans try WAR at some point, but don't go in expecting that it offers ALL your current MMOs do and more - WAR is definitely ( and deliberately ) missing a lot of stuff that you might be taking for granted.