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  1.  Utter tosh!


    It starts with "W" and ends with "S" but it 'aint warblers! Again, this manufactured rubbish is released for the pre-pubescent market. They'll be SO embarassed in a few years time when they grow up!

  2.  Ruddy Brilliant


    This book is a guide on how to run a game of Mutants and Masterminds in the "Golden Age" of comics which covers the late thirties through to the mid fifties. A full history of the time period (both real and Freedom City) is given with many descriptions of what life was like. The guide also gives an incredibly detailed description of the golden age of comics and how to create a fully realistic golden age hero.

  3.  Essential Resource


    This book describes several "alternate" versions of Freedom City. Alternate worlds and different time-zones are included such as the birth of Freedom City and the first heroes such as Minute Man and Miss Liberty and the world of "Erde" a parallell universe where the Nazis won the war! Full stats for all the heroes are included as well.

  4.  Rubbish


    I don't get it. A mediocre singer copies madonna and every body petends she's their favourite singer. She's not "quirky", she's not "different" she's just showing off!!!

  5.  Awful


    Don't bother with this one. It's an insult to the original. "The Village" is just like a normal american town and nothing like that place in wales used for the original.

  6.  "That Revelation"


    Vader's famous line is the main point of this movie. A great film yes but why do people rave about it so much.? This is easily the worst of the six films.

  7.  "Wanna see something cool?"


    More in the style of "Kick Ass", a serious super-hero movie this is not. Mind you, as a work mate of mine said, it's about a grown man and his Chauffeur who put on masks and pretend to be baddies so that they can fight crime, OF COURSE it's a comedy. For the type of movie it is, I loved it. Action, gadgets, The Black Beauty (surely, the coolest car to ever grace the silver screen), great fight scenes and Kato (even cooler than the car!) Don't watch if you want intricate plot lines or shakespearean level acting, but if you want almost two hours of action/comedy/ superheroes, get this.

    ,p,s Even though this is a 12 cert, there is a certain amount of mentioning of bottoms and excrement (They say *ss and s**t) a lot so be forwarned :-)

  8.  Amazing!


    that two people who can't sing and who insist on speaking with annoying faux-american accents have made it so big. This "music" is so bad it is on the same level as glee. Avoid at all costs

  9.  Forced to watch it by my wife!


    Sickly storylines, and songs that are quite frankly, a blasphemy to decent music. One of the worst things to come from the states for a long time

  10.  Noooooo!!!!!!!


    My wife put this onto the computer and didn't tell me so when I synced my ipod it got onto it. Cycling along, my ears are suddenly assaulted by one of the biggest blasphemys against music. Honestly, this is Jedward level rubbish.