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  1.  Give it time and you will enjoy it.


    I downloaded the beta on friday, its very big so depending on how fast your connection speed is i would let it run over night. Correcton to the other review it is 16gb to DL and you cant do it in the background as you have to be in game to get the 16gb update.
    On to the game its alot like crack down on the 360 aswell as infamous and other games alike. levelin up gains you points to upgrade moves, movement, weapons, and gadgets. Lots of quests to do. You can team up into partys and get party loot what is split out random.

    Graphic: 9/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Replay value: 8/10

    This is all based on the beta so things will most prob be updated to fix bugs and anthing else but im going to hang out for Final fantasy XIV online. Hope it is fixed better than the pc.
    ps3 id: OneEyePie

  2.  A MUST BUY!!!!!


    An excellent game by any means, should be more like it. New comers will find it hard at first but 3 or so deaths later you will start to get the hang of it. I did have the US demon's souls deluxe edition but sole it to make 95 pound and have just been waiting for it to come out in the UK. Just hope my game data works on UK servers so i dont have to start from scratch. PS3 id: OneEyePie

  3.  Well Worth Getting...


    One of the best games on the console yet, Graphics are really good and game play is very good only down fall is that it only took 7 n a half hours to complete. If you liked tomb raider then you will love this. Any one putting this game down as 1 star will be some one that dont have a ps3 n just a 360. Iv got both consoles n love em both but most games i will buy on the PS3 coz the graphics are better on alot of games. Any errors a game has nowa days can be fixed with updates.

  4.  Ok but not great


    I like fps to be fast paced, this has to be the slowest one ever, It really needs a run button. Graphics are really good but the game its self i didnt find too exciting. If you want to try it out download the free playable demo on the sony store, its just over 1.4gb.