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  1.  Sent the wrong shirt altogether


    when i bought this shirt on sale it had taken a while to come and when it finally did come it was a ratchet and clank shirt. i wasnt to bothered as sending it back would be more trouble than its worth but it clearly said on the packet Clank shirt large. buyers beware



    in looking at trailers for this game i didnt know what to expect but ive gotta say this is the best game i have ever played. the graphics are the best to date and the locations are stunning. music is breathtaking too. the character development was fantastic as the sort of went back too ff10 sphere grid but even easier. battle system was fantastic and so where the characters. story is superb and gameplay is incredible. even when you finish the game theres lots you can do theres missions, you can keep challenging the last boss and go back for trophies. definately buy this game you will not be dissapointed final fantasy 13 is awesome =)



    this game is awesome it has sonic 1,2,3, sonic 3 and knuckles and sonic 2 and knuckles plus it has some pretty cool illustrations. its well worth this price if like me you have a great appreciation of sonic despite what people say. 1 of the best games on ds a must buy. make haste with the blue blur

  4.  All hail Roxas


    What an incredible addition to the kingdom hearts series this game is explaining the missing link between roxas and organisation 13. the games is played in days and you play through missions teamed up with the other organisation members (my favourate is axel). What incredible graphics for a ds game i couldnt belive my eyes. also the gameplay is awsome great controls and the touch screen is only used for the camera angle but not needed at all as you can change to type b controls which allows you to press l and r to move the camera. the bottom screen also displays a map showing the heartless currently im at day 55 and cannot put this game down as i am a huge kingdom hearts fan. i would highly recomend this to all players out there you will not be dissapointed. great value great game have fun.

  5.  wrong description


    this game is incredibly fun it allows you to do 3 sections of resident evil 0,1,3 and a new chapter in russia along with some cool extra chapter as wesker,hunk,or ada. i was quite dissapointed when i found out resident evil 2 wasnt in it. i was really looking forward to playing re2 but that didnt make me like the game any less and re2 and code veronica are going to be included on the darkside chronicles game in november. this is a great game i really recomend if you are a resi fan

  6.  great but who is the new guy


    this is a really fun game as you can collect trophys which gives it a lot of replay value,another good thing about this game is the online part of the game which is great fun and allows you to play a few different game modes (my favourate is survivor on the office) the only problem i had with this game is that you where some random guy who was reffered to as the recruit. i thought that because this was the ghostbusters i could go venkman or ray but sadly you cant unless you play online. all in all i give the game 5 stars as i loved it and the original movie cast do the voices.who ya gonna call