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  1.  exceeded my expectations


    Joefish you do realize that you can change the control scheme on the demo to match cod4 so its l1 to zoom and r1 to fire.
    And then r3 to run.

    People need to stop moaning about the controls unless they have actually looked on the control options and changed them, there are like 6 diff button combinations so most players would be satisfied if they bothered to check them out before moaning.

    Graphics are the best ive seen yet on any console, a complete step up from anything yet seen and the physics and ai on the enemies is fantastic.

  2.  great film, ok transfer


    I gave this 4 stars due to how good the film is however the transfer leaves much to be desired as it only looks slightly better than the dvd version. Disappointing!
    If you havent got this on dvd already, wait till this comes down in price before getting it but defiantly get it at some point.

  3.  excellent transfer


    The first thing you have to take into account when watching this is that its 16 years old, however it looks stunning when you take that into consideration. I compare this to terminator 2 by which i mean it looks significantly more detailed and crisp than its dvd version and also looks as if it could of come out in recent years, however when compared to recent blockbuster films it doesnt look as good obviously but that is to be expected.
    Anyway im more than pleased with it and anyone who loves this film should get it on blu ray.

  4.  one of the top films gets better


    I thought this film wouldnt look much better than the dvd, which still looks good now however after watching the blu ray im more than impressed, once i watched it i then put the dvd on, on a upscaler player and it still didnt come close to the blu ray.

    There are better looking blu rays out there however if this is one of your favourite films then i suggest taking the plunge as in my opinion it looks much better.

  5.  simply amazing


    Watched this twice at the cinema. Im not going to go on about how good it is as there is already over 100 reviews saying so.

    Therefore just touching on a point that someone else made:

    "There are some things that let it down and christian bale is one of them, he puts in an uncharacteristically bland, cliched performance (with an irritating gruff voice whenever he's in his bat suit), also the sense that it takes itself a little too seriously counts against it. "

    Christian bales performance is perfect, i dont think he will win any oscars for it but he plays the role perfectly, the only reason he may seem slightly off is due to how good heath plays the joker. The gruff voice he puts on is due to the fact that he doesnt want people to find out that he is bruce wayne under that bat suit so obviously hes going to change his voice, and i doubt a high pitched one would of struck fear into his enemies hearts - some people are just way to over critical and want to find fault in something.
    The reason the film takes its self seriously is because of the serious nature, the joker is a psychopath, i doubt a light hearted film would of worked, with such a violent character as the main villian and also batman isnt spiderman, it isnt meant to be light hearted.

  6.  just answering


    To filmfan5 - the reason that you didnt see any of them people in it, is because its not a follow on from the last season or film.
    Plus it wasnt even meant to be a new story but weaven into the last season. It was meant to be based sometime around season 5 or 6 i believe, even though the characters have aged which makes no sense in the storyline.
    So this film was set mid season - not a carry on from season 9

  7.  quick review to help people decide


    Campaign pretty much the same as cod4 but obviously set in ww2
    Multiplayer is identical to cod4, but diff perks and some chnages as they have to keep it in theme.
    Nazi zombie mode - an excellent edition, so much fun.
    The co op campaign adds alot more so is worthy of being added.

    Overall if you loved cod4 you will like this game and with the added features, its worth the money but dont expect anything revolutionary.

  8.  great game - great workout


    played this game when my mate brought it over, its so much fun when your all playing it together. the drums are excellent and also give you a great workout on the harder settings.
    we played it on the guitar hero guitars though for bass and guitar which worked really well. didnt try the mic though so still have to see how that turns out.

    its not worth the price tag but then no game is worth that price.
    if it was cheaper i would buy it in an instance.

    play offers the cheapest price around though so if your thinking of gettin it, get it here

  9.  one of the creepiest movies out, instant cult hit


    have to say i wasnt expecting to much when i went into see this film, heard it was scary but i never have high hopes for horror nowadays, i was so wrong, this is one of the scariest films made, sometimes it can feel a bit fake but for the most part it feels as though its actually happening.
    made me jump on numerous occasions.
    the last scene which i wont ruin is one of the creepiest moments on film ever.
    as the film poster suggests this is blair witch meets 28 days later and it does pull it off.
    you feel a part of the team and at the end you will most likely be shaking and feel as though you've been through an ordeal

  10.  mediocre


    i cant begin to understand why people are giving this film a 5!
    audiences expectations must really be low now if they think this film is nearly perfect.
    the cgi on the creatures was awful, considering the budget of the film which was i think really high they should of been alot better, or infact just real people as they could of looked alot more realistic.
    while this wasnt meant to be purely horror it tends to fail on everything else which is was supposed to be - the loneliness and desperaton could of been more indepth and the relationship between him and his dog should of been a main focus for the film as the scene which was envitably going to happen, would of had alot more emotion to it.
    the scene where he locks himself in his house and the creatures are trying to get in could of been made better aswell, it was very quick which in my opinion ruined any sense of impending doom or claustrobia.

    fair enough if people like this, as this is only my opinion, but an amazing premise for a filmed ruined yet again by hollywood