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  1.  ! Superb


    The Xbox one exceeded all of my expectations!

    Everything Microsoft promised they delivered and much much more!
    It looks and feels like every inch of the console was thought about, although it does look simple and square form a distance it's amazing up close.
    The xbox pads are perfect, you cannot get any better than what Microsoft has brought you.
    First the 360 controller which was dubbed the best in the business, and now the X1 that is even better!

    It is fast, intelligent, the kin ect works perfectly , no more shouting at your screen multiple times it just does what you say, first time every time.

    The xbox got some bad rap over its launch build up which has been unfair as a lot people are missing out on what the xbox one can really do, it is simply magical. I know personally a lot of people who got the x1 in the uk and their boxes have all been perfect! So were just grateful that we didn't get the ls4 to have it break down on us.

    5 stars for the wonderful machine that is called the X1.

    Thankyou Microsoft.

  2.  Boring


    Ok ill go for the good points first,

    the game it self is flawless no bugs no glitches graphics are quite setailed especially the zoom in feature

    thats about it for the good points

    bad point ok here we go

    There is no story line people , dont buy this game if you want to be taken through a whirlwind adventure, there is none , the game involves scenarios thta you can pick by your choice, no unlocks, and as there is no story line, there is nothing to work towards completing the game,

    the game itself is slow, it takes a long time to get through the tutorial , and you need to go through it because the game is quite in depth , when your in the game itself it takes ages to build up your resources and the ships are slow and research is slow its just all slow slow slow even on fast settings.
    to have a decent game your looking at a good ten hours really which is an uber amount or boredom watching slow ships move around the galaxy,

    your view is just watching planets thats is

    to update the game you have to install another program which is absolutly ludicrous!!!

    over all a poo game, the novelty of this wears off after around 2 hours of play .