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  1.  Solid casual MMORPG - lots of potential


    If you are the type of MMO gamer that lives for Raiding to gain high end loot and tiny incremental improvements to stats (or just cool glowy pieces of armour) this is NOT the game for you.

    If this is your first MMORPG, or you don't have hours to play at a time then this may be the game for you.

    The character customisation is second to none - the options are almost overwhelming. But unlike other MMO's where you start out in rags and end up in glowy uber armour - the way you look on day 1 is the same as you look on day 100, 1000 and so on. (Although a visit to the tailor allows you to change outfits)

    Combat feels faster and downtime between fights is far shorter than most MMO's. The developers are still balancing the classes (although this game is really class free, allowing the player to build any sort of hero they want) the player still feels just about 'super powered' enough.

    Graphics are fantastic, taking their inspiration from the classic 'four colour panel' comics. Audio is fairly lacklustre - music is OK, but sound effects are weak - there's not much 'oomph' when punches connect for example.

    On a solid PC with a decent broadband connection, lag is rare. In fact the entire launch of this game was extremely good - compared to other MMO's that have had numerous major bugs this one has been relatively problem free (with the exception of a few vocal minorities who are intent to make it sound like the game is utterly broken!!)

    There are a number of nice touches to the game (such as Open Missions that do not require grouping. And the fact that there is only one server so you don't need to ensure all your friends create their characters on the same server), but the game doesn't really deliver anything innovative compred to it's competitors.

    As it stands right now (17-09-09) the amount of content is a little lightweight, and level cap can be reached in approx 40-50 hours. There are also only a small number of areas to explore, however Cryptic are already gearing up to release a new area in a huge content patch in October, for free. Overall the game is fun and I'm really enjoying it in short bursts, and so give it 3.5 out of 5).

    The potential for the game is pretty huge, and can only get better. When the rough edges are smoothed out, and with some more content this game will only get more and more fun.