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  1.  great


    This book was great, ive read it early because i was told that BL are bringing forward some of their titles half a month early. This book was great, it really shows the struggles that Space marines face. Great characters and a solid amount action. The only down side is ending, for me anyway.

  2.  fantastic


    this book is fantastic, the 3rd in the series (unsure if they'll be more, hope so). Great action scences, good twists in character development. Overall great book worthy of buying. But favorite is the second book dark disciple. I cant just help for root for marduk.

  3.  great


    this book is great, good plots, very detailed characters, and actually makes think about modern day issues and the nature of what it means to be human. The only thing that let it down was that there wasn't enough action, for me, but still there is action. I hope there is a sequel because it deserves one.

  4.  better but not that great


    Better than highlander 2 , which was the worst sci fi film in 25 years. Lambet seems to actually bother in this film. Interesting sex scene. And overall better plot. Still could have been better.

  5.  Buy It


    This film is hilarious. Buy it. The start of this film was the funniest thing i have seen on Tv. I found it hard to breathe at some points because it was so funny. This film is one of the best films out there. It is a crime not to buy it. You wont be disappointed.

  6.  Masterpiece


    This was one of the first Asian film I saw, and it is stunning. Actors, plot, and the cinematographhy was amazing. The very last part of the film was the best. This film personally got me hooked to Asian Cinema as well as world cinema. I actually went to Japan to see if i could get any merchandise of this wonderful film.

  7.  Great


    This book is simply fantastic. Characters are believable and develop as the book goes on. This is a book that will hook you till the very last page. If you are looking to get involved with science fiction then this is a must read. Complety easy to get into. And you will find it thrilling, inventive, and in some case down right funny and clever.

  8.  Only if you have time to kill in an airport


    Ok so this is the first book i have read in the Warhammer series, and i hope that they are noy all this bad. !!SPOILERS!! The story is dull, and long, nothing really happens until the last 3 chapters. The story revolves around the stringany (Closest thing to them in the real world would be gypseys) and their fight for survival. There is a few pathetic sub plots, the typical 2 friends who fall forthe same woman story. The Main reason on the stringany fighting is explained in one paragraph AND THE REASON IS AWFUL. The book is lousy and if you need to fall asleep in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, the by all means read it, but otherwise dont!!!!! The ending is very disapointing, and the vampire is the obly decent part of the book, even if it is only 2 chapters. The book is just terrible, could have been written by anyone who has a gcse in English.

  9.  Great


    This film is great, plot, characters, and great lines. It is also great for a first date as well. Overall 5 stars.