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  1.  Very Relaxing and puts your mind at ease


    Iron and Wine is an Acoustic guitar player that writes clever lyrics and plays his guitar in such a way that relaxes you very easily, these are made better with Iron and Wines extremely soothing and soft singing, if your stressed or upset then Iron and Wine's relaxing music will surely put you at ease. stand out tracks are Naked as we came, Fever Dream and Sunset soon forgotten.

    I highly recommend this for anyone wanting an original acoustic player and need some relaxing music for those bad times, or just those nice relaxing nights.

  2. Endgame


    Megadeth - CD

    22 New from  £4.91  Free delivery

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     44 minutes of greatness, 1,340' Thumbs up.


    The most recent Megadeth album is indeed a magnificent album, Megadeth have kept to a very thrash sound and benefits the Album, The stand out tracks are...well...All of them. but if I had to choose they would be Headcrusher, 44 Minutes and 1,340'. This album is a very good Addition to any metal heads Library and is a High Recommendation. But if you've never heard Megadeth before perhaps it would be better to preview the Album someway or listen to their Older stuff

  3.  A Fantastic Album!


    This album by Apocalyptica is unlike any other that precedded it, it consists of entirely Original tracks and not covers. The Album contains a great balance between Apocalyptica's trademark thrashy cello sound and Slow and peaceful cello sounds that anyone would expect from cellists. The most Notable tracks on the CD are "Faraway" and "Somewhere around Nothing" both great Songs.

    If you like Apocalyptica songs to have Lyrics in them then this is not your CD, although the Revised version has special re-habs of some songs from the album that have Lyrics to them, but know that these songs are nothing to "Metal Like" they are what an ordinary person would come to expect from cellists, its slow and peaceful.

    Being a metal fan and an Apocalyptica fan I would give this a try, but Don't expect many fast paced songs, the is more of a "Chillout" CD compared to the other CD's Apocalyptica have made.

  4.  The Essential Street Fighting Experience


    I recently bought this Tournament Edition fightstick judging from Reviews from many people. So i threw in the extra cash to Upgrade from getting the Standard Edition Stick to the Tournament Edition, and i must say it is Money well spent...

    For me that is, someone who plays Street Fighter IV more than anything else at home. I shall describe the Stick first. Yes, Perhaps it is most expensive one to buy, but remember, you get what you pay for. The Stick comes with Sanwa parts, a very proffesional company who make sturdy buttons and Ball top sticks. whilst the Standard edition does not have Sanwa parts (that is bad) resulting in the SE (Standard edition) to break very quickly.

    the TE (Tournament Edition) is a very High quality product and I highly recommend above any other Arcade Stick out there.

    But I shall say this, the Stick and Buttons...if you have NEVER played in arcades before (Like myself) you will find it Awkward and somewhat clunky to play with at first, using this Item for Professional Combos in Street Fighter will take Time and Dedication to pull such things off. Only buy this if your a dedicated Street Fighter (The Stick can be used for other Games aswell) as if you don't really put your time into playing the game it would be a waste of Money. And yes, you will be unbelievably rubbish at the game for a while, but you pick up on the buttons quickly.

    There is a Turbo feature on the stick allowing for quick reactions without you having to tap the buttons very quickly, although, this is considered Cheating Online, so i only recommend using it for those Tricky Hard Trial Combo's (and even then they are still hard to pull off)

    So if you are a person whop plays Street Fighter 4 or any other Fighting game more than anything else, This is a must buy for you, the Price Tag may be steep but you shall not regret it. but for those who balance to play there games and only play fightings if they feel like, don't spend this amount of money on something you will not take your time to master.

  5.  Newer doesn't mean better.


    I personally was highly anticipated for this albums release, and I would like to share my view. My final Verdict is that for KSE i'm quite disappointed.

    The Album has 3 songs that will stand out for Fans of KSE, which include - "Starting Over", "Reckoning" and "A light in a Darkened World". these songs are very well done and show that KSE are capable of making a solid album.

    But the Album isn't up to the KSE standard in my personally opinion, one thing I noticed is that Howard (The Lead Singer) sounds alot different from his previous 2 albums, and for some (like myself) it will be off putting, the vocals also seem to feel forced at times. The vocals are also alot more melodic than previous iterations, the Guitars are also lighter and more melodic throughout most of the songs.

    If you feel you will be able too adjust to KSE's lighter Style then see if you can Preview the Album before purchasing it. If you are new to KSE i would Highly recommend either "The End of Heartache" or "As Daylight Dies".