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Product Reviews

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  1.  a must own


    not sure this quite beats the masterpiece that was mario galaxy 2 but it comes mighty close.
    worth buying a wii u for.

  2.  another excellent cod title


    This is in my opinion one of the best call of dutys released to date.
    The story in single player is excellent, gameplay is as always smooth and tight and the multiplayer maps are some of the best of any cod game.

  3.  brilliant!


    every gamer need to experience Mario in full HD.
    Brilliant level design, gorgeous graphics and the extra challenges are great fun, a must have.

  4.  an already perfect game made even better!


    Wind Waker was already one of the best titles in the Zelda series but this takes it up another few notches as the HD graphics and the Wii U gamepad really enhance the experience.
    If you dont have a Wii U yet get one, this game alone is worth the admission price.

  5.  top notch!


    A fantastic console, the gamepad is great and zelda in HD is breath taking.
    Highly recommended and plenty great games on the way

  6.  a superb game!


    graphically brilliant, this game is a terrific addition to an impressive franchise! it seems to be cool these days to slate call of duty but these battlefield field players need there heads examined!
    this is a brilliant game, the campaign is fast paced and engaging and the multi player is better than ever, great maps, balanced play and so much to do and unlock!
    This is quite simply the game of 2011 and deserves all the praise it gets.

  7.  absolutely incredible gaming experience!


    quite simply, this is the greatest game i have ever played, so much depth and emotion to the characters, a fantastic storyline and loads to see and do, a wonderful game. buy it, enjoy it.

  8.  great tee


    got this for my little girl and she loves it, the Superman shield looks great and it fits perfectly

  9.  awesome!


    Nice big logo, looks stunning and a nice fit, perfect!

  10.  an enjoyable watch


    i enjoyed this film! dont take it too seriously, its nothing spectacular but ive seen FAR worse films.