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  1.  be careful which case you buy!


    i bought from elsewhere but thought i would share my review.there are TAG and TAG JUNIOR. the junior books fit in this but the tag books don't, but the tag pen works with JUNIOR books but (according to leapfrog) the JUNIOR pen doesnt work with the TAG books, the TAG pen does fit in here though and my daughter will be using the junior books for abit so no problem but when i buy her the tag books i will need to get her another case. (we own the tag pen).

  2.  Hope my daughter loves it as much as me!!


    i didnt buy from play.com as found cheaper elsewhere but thought i'd share my review as no other reviews. I've bought this item for my daughter for this christmas (2012) so as i'm reviewing this early i can't tell you what she thinks to it but i love it!!! i didn't read any reviews before i purchased it so bought it "blind". in the box it came with the usb lead, stand, pen and a "book" its not a story book more of an example of what it can do so different pages ie toystory, rapunzel and cars etc. i also ordered a case and an extra book. I then realised after they had been posted that the pen is a TAG and the book and case were TAG JUNIOR - i didnt realise there were 2 differnt book types. i phoned leapfrog and was told that the pen would work with the JUNIOR books but not the other way round ie the junior pen with the tag books. the pen and the junior books fit in the case but the free tag book doesnt fit in the case i bought so will prob end up buying the larger case later however as my daughter is 3 i suspect we will buy more of the junior books for now. i hadnt realised when i ordered it that you had to connect it to the internet either - but it was easy to do - however the problem i realised when i hooked it up is the restricted memory - its only 32 mb - i have no idea why its so small - a 4gb card these days costs nothing and this is its major (and only) downfall hence 4 stars instead of 5. it will fit about 10 tag books but alot more of the junior ones as the ones i have downloaded are only 0.3 mb as opposed to 3 mb like the big ones. so when she starts on the big ones it will be a pain swapping the books over and think it will confuse my daughter as to why some books dont work. i have noticed you can get an orange and white one thatys menat for schools that are 64 mb but they are $70 and i read something about them using different software so not sure worth the risk.
    the voices are very clear and you can understand them easy - there are different voices and some are very americanised. i'm amazed at the technology - the pages in the tag books are normal paper - it seems to work on little kind of dot patterns. the junior books are board books. i think they could make the books a bit cheaper but other than that i'm really pleased with it!

  3.  Very Cool!!


    I Ordered this for my 3 year old daughter for her first camping trip with us. it will probably do her till shes about 8-9 but equally she doesn't look lost in it. very good quality sleeping bag. i looked around before i bought this to try and get the warmest sleeping bag for the money and on this website (i actually ended up buying for a couple of quid cheaper from another website, but thought i'd leave a review here as it hasn't been rated yet) the description detailed this bag as a 3 season but the tag actually says 2 season. temp range 2 degrees - 15 degrees. its 250g and measures 165 x 65 x 30cm flat. i think it is plenty thick enough as we wouldn't go camping if expected to be too cold! she's laid in it now in the house and just had to take her socks off because her feet were too warm!!! i would definately recommend this sleeping bag. and it folds away into a small rucksack too!!

  4.  i am not a middle aged man.....


    I bought this case on the recommendation of the other buyers but was sorely disappointed and am in process of returning.
    The product itself is good quality but it just doesnt go with the stylish phone - it reminds me of the old men who bought leather cases and attached them to their belts when mobile phones were first fashionable. I have seen a friends leather case for a samsung tocco and they have managed to make it sleek and modern and it works round the jog wheel nicely - this case made me feel like i was holding a brick.
    This is my opinion only and others may like it as the quality is good but it wasn't for me.

  5.  Nice N Easy


    Brilliant - small, easy to use (already configured fat32), would recommend to anyone needing extra space.
    It's brill that you dont need a seperate power supply like many external harddrives.
    Only downside is the cover as its just a rubber case over the harddrive......