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  1.  BE WARNED!!!


    Buy simply ordering this item, my muscles bnegan to pulsate with anticipation. When it finally arrived, I went to open the box, and before even using it, my arms could rival those of Vin Diesels!!!!
    Then I put the equipment on, and 10 minutes later, I had gained almost 6 stone of pure muscle. I was so impressed, that I went to see my friends. I shook my friends hand, and crippled him with my almighty strength. This thing is the real deal guys!!! All for 5 quid as well!!! Impressed is an understatement

  2.  Dead Space 2


    I was blown away buy this game. The characters, the storyline, the enemies, the soundtrack... everything keeps you enthralled. It's a balls to the wall, edge of your seat tyype game, where everything can make you jump, and nothing is nice to you.I promise you, get this game, and you will not be disappointed!!!

  3.  A Good Game


    I'm not going to lie, I was massively impressed with this game. It's entertaining, keeps you wanting to play for longer, and generally, the effects are pretty good
    HOWEVER... Pandemic has taken the servers down for the game... so you CANNOT PLAY ONLINE at all, which is a shame. Not only because it makes it impossible to get achievements, but mainly, because when it was online, it was brilliant fun!

  4.  Unbelieveable


    I was a little hesitant about buying this game. My brother bought it for the PS3 and told me it wasn't all that great. How very wrong he was

    The gameplay is brilliant, the storyline is phenominal, the battles (providing you play the game on the hard difficulty) are genuinely challenging and difficult, and the characters themselves are brilliant.
    How this game isn't up there with the very best selling xbox360 games, is beyond me. I promise you won't be disappointed if you buy this game

  5.  Quite Simply... EPIC!


    Enormous robots from outer space beating the life out of each other. Battles all over the world with no-holds-barred destruction. Megan fox in next to nothing............. WHATS NOT TO LIKE?!

    This really is one of the best sequels to a film since the back to the future trilogy!!!!! This is a MUST for any film buff!!

  6.  average


    this is one of those films where its probably a good idea to take your brain out before watching it, and letting it do something useful, while you watch some amazing special effects, along with a god awful film! keanu reeves just seems to p[lay another neo-based matrix type character, and the rest of the cast, though highly respectable, just dont seem to make the film any better.

    if you enjoy insane special effects, then watch it, but be warned, the film itself is about as interesting as watching paint dry (excuse the bad euphamism...)

  7.  Phenominal


    For once , a war film has been made where it actually seems like the film maker has been out to afghanistan and researched everything about the current events in war today, or perhaps even been out there fighting.
    If you want to watch a film worth watching, then get this film! Simple as!