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    OK, this isn't for everyone, but if you can switch your brain into neutral, sit back and enjoy the movie you may just be surprised. There are more than a few "funny moments" some obvious, some not so, and many cheesy, I'm guessing that most of the negative reviewers just didn't "get it". Sure the story and plot is insane, but at least it's different. I didn't have any problem with the acting, and thought the FX were great for a "B" movie.

  2.  The same, but different.


    Spiderman rebooted, maybe too soon for some, but after 3 killed the otherwise great trilogy with a terrible script, and just too much going on for its own good, they have a chance to get things going again. For me it was different enough not to be bored, the characters and acting were all great, and the overall movie (experience) was fantastic. the only downside was the 3D, I think it could have been used to better effect.
    5 stars, enjoy.

  3.  EPIC!!!!!


    I watched this when it first aired and remember it being "good", well blu-ray has turned BoB into a High-Def superstar, and at 16 pounds the value is incredible.
    The "tin" box looks and feels good, and the discs all "fold" neatly into place, unlike most other box sets. Picture quality is fantastic, and the DTS mix is awesome, it's almost like being there in the battles at times.

    A great tribute to "Easy Company" and everyone involed, BoB is far superior to "The Pacific" and has become one of the best Blu-Rays in my collection. Already a classic, because of the way it's made BoB will not "date".

    War "sagas" just don't get any better than this.

  4.  HD Superstar.


    Missed this at the cinema, and was expecting great things, I wasn't dissappointed. Just a fantastic movie, looks and sounds amazing on Blu-ray. This combo set is incredible value and meant I could keep the BD disk and give my son the DVD to watch on his tv.

    Probably can't add anything that's not already been said.

  5.  Gets Better.


    I'm surprised by all of the 5 star reviews, most fans were disappointed by SGU for various reasons. Whether it was the slow start, nothing happening or pointless episodes that focused on things we didn't really care about nearly everyone had some sort of problem with the show.
    From the early trailers it was clear that Universe wanted to copy (to a degree) the sucess of BSG and this is evident in every episode. Probably the most annoying aspect of the show is that even though they are billions of light years from Earth they can still interact with friends and family back home via the communication stones, now in theory this was a good idea, although the show seems to focus more on this than just getting on with exploring the ship and space. After shows like Star Trek Voyager were critisised for being sterile it's almost as though they tried to make SGU too realistic, making us watch almost every moment as the group tries to survive and get Destiny under control, whole episodes are taken over by events that really only need a few scenes.

    Ok, now the good points, Robert Carlyle is outstanding as the unpopular Dr Rush, and most definately the key to this shows success. Character development is pretty good for the most part, but the show does suffer for it in early episodes.
    Later episodes get much better, bringing the show back up to the standard we expect from Stargate, and hopefully getting the franchise back on track for an outstanding series 2.

    Expect good things from Universe, and hope it can become great.

  6.  Slow Starter.


    I couldn't wait to see the second outing after being blown away the last time, what we nearly got was a copy of Spiderman 3.......nearly.
    Character development gets in the way for a while, as we see Tony Stark fall and rise again, but when things get going again, WOW. Now I can't wait to see what comes next.
    Rourke is excellent as Whiplash, but I felt the movie needed a "bigger" villain, kinda like how Dr Octopus wasn't "bad" enough in Spiderman, are they affraid to give us a truly evil "bad guy" these days?
    A very good follow on, but definately more of a stepping stone to what's coming next.

  7.  Great Entertainment


    Green Zone has enough going on to keep most of us entertained, but Jason Bourne it ain't. Matt Damon is great as usual, but his character "chief Miller" gets involved in situatons well above his paygrade, sure his actions may be well intentioned but he risks the lives of many around him on his quest for the truth. In the end I was left wondering why he thought he had the right to make the correct decision for an entire country. There are so many shades of grey involved in Iraq, and that changes depending what side your on, or even what faction your with, and making a movie that shows a "Chief Warrant Officer" possibly decide what happens to millions, seems kinda unbelievable really.
    Although that aside ,it is a very good movie.

    Someone had said buy the DVD because the Blu-Ray is grainy, don't listen, it's not a fault, some night scenes have a "grainy" look to them for effect, X-Files fans will remember this was used to great effect making scenes look more realistic ,and is commonly used in films and TV shows now.

    Picture- top notch, as expected from BD
    Sound- Very,very good, especially the opening scene and any fire fights.

  8.  Make up your own mind.


    Ok most of us have already seen the movie and know it's excellent, 5 stars.
    The problem seems to be the debate over picture quality, a big issue because you probably already own the movie and are looking for a serious upgrade. This isn't a full restoration from the original stock film, rather some tweeking to remove grain and colour enhancements. Depending on your preferences you'll either love it or hate it. Some scenes look truly stunning, but others suffer from resoluton issues, "wax work" images and overly bright colours, As others have said the first scene looks terrible, and strangely shots of Arnie at times seem to look more defined than the actors standing beside him.
    I suspect it will be the more "serious" home cinema fans who have issues with the transfer, everyone else with love it.

    Picture- Varies between DVD quality and stunning HD.
    Sound- Absolutely no problems, the DTS is flawless.
    Movie- 5 stars, one of the 80's greatest.

  9.  Great Value


    Maybe not the Best Live Lounge, but at 4-99 the cost offsets the terrible cover of Halo.
    A fantasic addition to anyones collection.

  10.  Almost Perfect.


    This could be the best film of the year. If you like action movies look no further, ignore the bad reviews the only reason not to see this is if you don't like the other three Terminator movies.
    Bale/Connor doesn't have as big a role in this film as you might expect, but thats because he's not yet become the great leader we all know he's going to be, instead much of the focus is on the excellent Wotheringtons Marcus, and Kyle Reese. There's a couple of welcome cameos (of sort) in there too, and the FX are truly awesome.

    Not groundbreaking in the way the first two were, but still a must see, and definately a step in the right direction for the franchise.