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  1. MAG



    4 New from  £7.03  Free delivery

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     M.A.G - an excellent FPS that wont disappoint


    To be honest with all of you , i originally had this game on pre-order - played the beta and took it OFF pre-order as i wasnt sure at all about purchasing. I then decided on release day that i would give it a shot anyway (after somewhat getting bored of fragging ppl on Mw2) - boy was i blown away!
    Yes the graphics are limited , yes there is an element of spawn camping and yes teammates who ignore tactical teamplay gets annoying........BUT.......

    when it all comes together it is amazing. When you have a good squad leader , giving you up to date commands , objectives , airstrikes blitzing the onlsaught of enemy troops , and a squad willing to communicate with each other and work together to take bunkers etc the game cannot be matched by ANYTHING out there.
    you simply cannot compare it to COD because it plays on a different level........if this is the new generation , i am wetting my pants in anticipation!! I have been playing for 10 hours online , i am lvl 15 and have led my own squad a couple of times and i have to say it adds such a new and innovative feature to the experience of online gaming that you will be itching to reach that target and then rise through the ranks to command a platoon and ultimately an army!

    RAVEN FTW!!!!

  2.  Far Cry2


    Very good game , i reallyt enjoyed the interaction with the AI characters.....especially when you are up on a cliff overlooking their camp and you rustle a bush or fire off a bullet , i love the stuff they come off with "im gonna kill you man , you're dead" lol genius!

    the only thing that lets it down a bit is that the story gets a bit repetitive the more you play , but i found myself obsessing over finding the diamonds and making sure i completed every side mission lol - addictive and fun too.

    plenty of hours of gameplay here.......shame the online function wasnt better , it really could have been much more successful

  3.  COD5 WAW


    a great game , but i love WW2 based games so i am slightly biased on those grounds alone......many of my friends who also bought this sold it shortly after completing the story and trying the online functions................good graphics and good story.
    Controls handle well and i love the fact you can take control of the tanks - major ownage!!!! lol
    But to be fair it wasnt as good as Modern Warfare.........

  4.  Gioteck headset


    by far the easiest to use , most comfortable to wear and best voice sound quality of any headset that i have used. Sonys own doesnt come close!!
    the battery power lasts through almost a whole nights session (about 5-6hrs for me) and only towards the very end when my eyes are closing
    i didnt have any problems connecting it with my ps3 , the instructions are simple to follow

  5.  fifa 09 - sheer brilliance


    PES doesnt even come close.....it wouldnt even be fair to compare them.
    this game has been my mainstay of online fun during the barren months of summer where no major game releases made their way into the online gamers fold!! i was never a big football game fan but this game was the turning point for me , and now with 1 week to go until the launch of Fifa10 i am very eager to get cracking and hone my skills against the ppl of the world!! lol

  6.  Killzone2 - Ps3


    Well i have mixed emotions.
    i eagerly waited for this game as i loved Killzone 1 and iit didnt disappoint. the game play was amazing and the graphics were good. Story was very involved and i felt like i was really there at times , but for me personally the multiplayer let the game down.

    i sold the game after i had completed it and it sat on my game shelf collecting dust......but still a good buy for many ppl