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  1.  I don't want to live on this planet any more...


    Great film and deserving recipient of five star score. But this is currently the top selling bluray. The non steelbook is available 14 pounds cheaper on this same site. This means thousands of people paying a 255% mark up FOR THE PACKAGING. End the tyranny of steelbook double, even triple and quadruple dipping and be content to just enjoy the film.

  2.  2 Albums is not the complete works...


    If your new to the Libertines, this is a good place to start with the best known tracks from their 2 albums and a few b-sides.

    But... a lot of the coments here seem to give the impression that 2 albums is all they did. Libertines fans know that there is another 2 albums worth of the greatest b-sides you'll ever find out there... Skint & minted / Mocking bird / Skag & bone man / Plan A / 7 deadly sins / Lazy sunday, are but a few

    I listen to these more than the albums becase THEY ARE AWESOME. If your a fan, look beyond the (great) albums and you'll find something truly special. It may cost you a few bob extra (especialy if you go for the singles rather than MP3), but what else can you spend it on... crack?

  3. Push



    13 New from  £3.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.75

     Underappreciated gem.


    This one got lost amongst the mass wave of super hero films that have been around lately but is worth catching.

    It's not without flaws but does succeed in creating an interesting world with it's own rules which help create a sense of place & charecter that is more common on TV shows (to it's credit).

    You'll either love it or thinks its a bit meh.

  4.  2 Discs? :¬(


    Great film but... the Blu Ray has just arrived through my door and this 2 disc set turns out to be a blu-ray & DVD combo. So the package loses 2 stars for the studio's sheer cheek.

    Blu-ray fans want Blu-ray discs. We pay a premium for the step up in quality, not because were saps! This is not a trend I want to see the end of here.

  5.  COD3.5


    Just finished the main game and have clocked up a few hours online and have to say that I was disappointed with the whole experience.

    After the near perfection of COD 4, this does feel like a step back. The gameplay is a straight copy but the attention to detail has dropped off. Level design is no where near as good as it needed to be to satisfy fans of the series and the story (i.e. the set pieces it allows you to play) are tired repetitions of previous games.

    Online play has these problems and more. The reintroduction of vehicles is a mistake. The Levels are either too big or too small it's hard to play tactically and enjoy the experience. Also, most kills & deaths are caused by the level design's open structure rather than any tactical skill. Plus, no matter what people say, going back to WW2 guns is a huge comedown.

    The whole thing is just not as much fun. I'm going back to COD4 & suggest you do the same.

  6.  Definitive Batman


    This is essential for any fan of the God damn Batman. Following on from Year One by Frank Miller, this follows Batman over the course of a year trying to track down an elusive serial killer that is changing the foundations of Gotham's criminal underworld.

    This is Batman as a detective above all things, always analysing and investigating. The book is all the more better for it, this is not just a Batman vs. bad guy story, they're ten a penny and not even mentioning in the same breath as this.

    The artwork from Tim Sale (who does the paintings for Heroes) is also amazing and compliments the books noir vibe.

    Although this has influenced the new Nolan & Bale films, they did not simply adapt this book. Reading this won't feel like you've seen it all before. The story remains its own and is good enough to stand alongside BB and TDK.

    The story is compulsive reading and although I'd recommend the absolute edition for hardcore fans, at around £40, the standard edition is an attractive alternative.

  7.  The Invincible Iron Man


    This is how blockbusters should be done. A great cast and good characters (but admittedly the big bad could done with more screen time), plus a real sense of fun make this one of the most enjoyable films of the year. If you've not seen this yet you deserve a slap.

    The extras are good but the disc could have benefited from a commentary from the cast & crew. Roll on Iron Man 2.

    PS: Everyone knows about the post credits scene, but keep an eye out for Cap's shield on the workbench (appears just after "This is not the worst thing you've caught me doing").

  8.  One of 2007's finest.


    Firstly, there is not much difference between this and the theatrical cut, the couple of scenes reinserted impact very little to the film and only add up to about an extra 4 or 5 minutes. Anyone expecting a LOTR style extension should be aware that they will not be getting a much longer film than the one they saw at the cinema. Also, you don't get the option of watching the theatrical cut.

    Saying this, the film itself is very good and should be praised for its storytelling and determination to remain as true to the actual events as possible. This is not a serial killer film in the usual sense, we follow the investigation rather than the killer, who (in a stroke of genius) only appears when there is an account left by a survivor of the attack.

    The acting is consistently of a high quality and as ever Fincher's visual flair and pacing is top notch. This is a very good film that succeeds in putting a variety of perspectives into a cohesive story that engages the viewer.

    The extra features are very good, with features on both the events surrounding the zodiac and also how the film was made. I'd recommend this to anyone, even if you bought the vanilla DVD a few months ago.

  9.  Great player


    First thing that amazes is its size. This thing is tiny. But... it packs in a great deal for it's size.

    I don't have the best set up (720p LCD & only stereo speakers) but the step up from my upscaling DVD player is considerable. This has enough features to future proof you for a couple of years and is a good foundation for building a better set up around it.

    The start up speed is very good. I do think some of the delays people experience are due to the discs rather than whichever player they have for example; Batman Begins takes a while to load on both this and a PS3 but all my other discs have been very fast.

    Only drawback I have so far is the remote. It does have all the functionality you would expect but the finish isn't as good as the player. All in all I think is the best entry to mid level player you can get at the moment.

  10.  Is everyone mad?


    I know a lot of people love this film (48 other reviews all 4 star or more), but I have to raise my head out of the trench and say that this film is awful. It went straight to the top of my most hated films ever list!

    I wanted to love this film so much and was championing it prior to release but seeing the end result was shattering. To me the action was messy, the acting was terrible (without exception) and the plot was wafer thin.

    If you want to watch a good, new, action film with a bit of fun, then watch Iron Man, Wanted or go back to any other action film of the last decade. Just stop going on about this one, it's rubbish.

    Not a hater... Just hate bad cinema.

    PS: Why does Michael bay insist on putting a motorway chase in all of his films now? Bad Boys II, The Island, Transformers, etc? It's getting old fast.