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  1.  Football Is Fun Again


    FIFA 13 continues to build on the recent run FIFA has been on since 10 with great gameplay where new features are integrated without making it feel alien to prvious users. The 1st touch system works very well it feels natural and adds weight to the player you control skill players such as Neymar / Ronaldo / Messi etc are noticably different to use compared to say Defoe / Torres and makes you think about what you are going to do when receiving a pass. The tactical defending returns but whereas last year year it felt to diffcult to master and overly punished this year it fits into gameplay more seamlessly. Season mode now includes opportunity to manage internationally if job is offered. Before matches you take part in skill challenges such as hitting targets with long pass to upgrade whilst game is loading.

    Other returning modes include Be a Pro, online matches and arena mode to practice free kicks etc

    Ultimate team remains as addictive as ever and slightly expanded to include more formations and postions within ultimate team.

    Fifa also set weekly challenges based on real results. Potentially making an endless game.

    From a negative point of view the menu screens are still painful to navigate and the background crowds in the stadiums look like they have been life from Fifa 07 on PS 2

  2.  Solid LEGO


    Once again LEGO has delivered, great fun for kids and adults alike, brilliant tongue in cheek humour in the cut scenes.

    You get to play levels from all 4 films, the game is filled with plenty of collectibles as we have come to expect. Canisters in the form of a bottled ship, Red Hats for the extra bonuses, and unlocking all the characters.

    For the trophy hunters out there although there is repetition involved fairly easy to get a paltinum to show off.

  3.  The good the bad and the ugly


    Red dead redemption main story is probably Rockstar's greatest game made to date, a lazy comparison would be simply to call it GTA in the wild west. The ending is one of the best I have witnessed and evokes genuine emotion.

    The undead nightmare campaign unfortunately is extemely poor by comparison, it feels rushed and the missions get repetitive instantly so it becomes more of a chore to finish the story.

    The strength of the main game and online is what gives this the deserved 5 star rating.

  4.  Bigger and better


    Arkham city is quite an acheivement for any Batman fans of both modern comic stories and animated films to Batman of old and current movies there are so many little touches and secrets to discover that just delight.

    Gameplay it is all very similar to Arkham Asylum a nice blend of combat, stealth and travelling in Batman style with subtle improvements from before. The story starts with a bang a can be a bit overwhelming at 1st but things quickly and expertly take shape.

    Aside from the main story plot there are several side missions involving characters from the Batman universe, unlike most games these dont feel like bolted on additional bits for the sake of making the game last longer but add genuine depth and value to the story and game. They are also enjoyable and not a bit tedious.

    Returning from Arkham Asylum are the riddler challenges and trophies along with the inclusion of some hostage situations, these prove considerably more challenging this time around making full use of all your skills and gadgets to complete.

    There is so much to discover that once you complete the game aside from side missions and riddler challenges so I implore you to take the opportunity to look online to see any easter eggs and in game secrets you missed, stay to the end of the credits for a hint of what may happen in the future.

    Anybody buying the collectors edition will not be disappointed the statue is well made and the bonus content is great.

  5.  This is not a Game


    The positives: superb story telling slow burner to start with before the tension cramps up, the game also genuinely plays with your emotions like not other. Graphically this game is up there with the best with a lot of detail to every set piece there is some glitching and jumpiness but nothing to ruin the overall experience.

    The Negatives: It is not a game. It is a 7-8 hour cut scene with QTE (quick time events) to map out how the story plays. There is not a single element of freedom to the gameplay it is all done by pressing the button response you see on screen.

    Had there been any decent sign of gameplay this would be worthy of the 4 or 5 stars that are being thrown around but with just a story it loses marks. The guys making this clearly loved their project and an immense amount of effort has gone into it, depsite my low score I would recommend this asbeing well worth a look so long as if you dont mind watching instead of playing.

  6.  Finally a worthy superhero game


    Arkham asylum is a very good game from start to finish the storyline is excellent the voice acting particularly Mark Hamill as the joker is superb with a nice mix of humour.

    The game is set entirely within the grounds of Arkham Asylum but so much has been packed into this area it never feels repetitive as you get to explore the various buildings and grounds. The gameplay is a nice mixture of combat and stealth the combat system works very well making you feel like the punches you land really have an impact. Being Batman the ability to lurk in the shadows get in amongst the colling sytems and the ever satisfying ability to perch on top of gargoyles swoop down and string the bad guys up.

    In addition to the main storyline you get riddler challenges to solve which can be finding hidden riddles statues to solving a riddle which involves scanning an area in most cases when this happens the game will give you background on characters within the batman universe not just the game. Also as a riddler challenge you find headstones which when scanned provide a back story to the asylum itself spanning its inception to current status.

    This is another must have game.

  7.  Compelling story telling


    La Noire has outstanding production values, it is a beautiful looking game the vision of 1940's LA is very well stylized. The voice acting and facial motion scanning is exceptional.

    La Noire main storyline is made up of a series of cases as you work your way up from a beat cop to detective covering areas such as traffic, homicide, vice and arson. In addition to the main story there are other game modes to complete such as finding historic landmarks, finding film discs and completing street crimes.

    Gameplay wise the driving, shooting and fighting are almost identical to all rockstar games, the other main part of gameplay is finding clues at crime scenes and interviewing witnesses and suspects on cases and this is basically an evolution of the old style point and click.

    The major downside to this game is that it is too easy you could potentially (although you would have to be very bad or doing it deliberately) stumble your way through a case without uncovering any clues or getting any questions right, if you spend too long looking for clues or the game thinks you are struggling your partner will inevitably call out to you to highlight intersting items likewise if questioning doesnt throw up new leads the story takes you there regardless. The good news for trophy hunters and completists are that cases can be replayed to obtain higher rating on completion of case so if you do miss something 1st time you dont need to reload.

    Overall a fantastic game with compelling storyline but beware of what you are buying it is not a fast paced action game.

  8.  Stirred not shaken


    Interestingly the critics have given this a pounding and I was a bit aprehensive about playing it given what they had said, but other than the story length (about 6 hours) the worst I can say about this game is it plays like a mix of Uncharted and Batman AA and they are pretty good.

    Game like a bond film has an opening sequence before the credits, the gameplay is 3rd person action / shooter with plenty of cover and some driving based missions. The missions span various geographical locations which all look very good there are some nice cinematic action sequences slowed down for effect which fit the Bond characteristics and of course cut scenes are very good with official licenses for voice and facial likeness. Driving is a bit hit and miss but looks fantastic anyone who has played burnout will recognise the prestige here.

    Due to length of gameplay main story single player difficult to recommend at full price, but well worth a look if you have a spare 20 quid lying around and it comes down in price.

  9.  Epic gaming


    God of War 1 is a very special game compelling story line, looks great considering age, combat is ace but very difficult as the game goes on but if you do select a hard setting if struggling and you die repeatedly the game offers to vhange combat to easy level (trust me no shame), puzzle sections challenging but fair.

    God of war 2 is as above the story line sets up number 3 beautifully and delves deeper into the mythology.

    Both games have and extra hard difficulty to try once a 1st play through is complete and there are also challenge rooms opened up as well which as per main game provide a hard challenge.

  10. 2012



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     Good Looker


    This film really does showcase all that is good on blu ray, amazing sound, and great looks that enhance the special effects.

    Film wise standard fare for disaster action movies you either love them or hate them for me very enjoyable and a nice acting turn from Woody Harrelson, ignore some of the absurdities let yourself go and enjoy.