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  1.  A Fantastic Game of Very High Standards


    Graphically this is the best quality I have ever seen beating the previous benchmarks of Killzone and Uncharted 2, from the very 1st moment of loading the game (which has no downloading time) it draws you into its story with the opening credits recapping previous GOW story in graphic pictures the sweeping camera at the start of gameplay as it covers the grounds and area you will be exploring as the game progresses all supported by excellent script and sound.

    Unlike other games it really does vary the enemies that attack always throwing surprises at you never letting you settle in to a pattern, it is a very challenging game I played it through on normal mode so far and have lost count of the amount of times I have died fortunately the auto save points are paced just right and you do not spend a ton of time retreading ground you have already done. Once the main game is completed it opens up challenge modes and a very hard difficulty mode which lets you keeps the weapons and any upgrades you have obtained 1st time round.

  2. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


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     This is Football


    The controls are intuitive, when a shot is miscued I genuinely feel thats is because I have snatched at opportunity and not allowed my striker to balance, the way the mechanics of gravity and balance impacts what happens is amazing i could almost be playing the game on the pitch. Players skill rating and ability are set to real life Wayne Rooneys box of tricks cannot be completed by Bobby Zamora for instance. The general feel of the play mimics what you would see on matcfh of the day strong forwards hold the ball up, Arsenal pass the ball to death, Tevez animationw hen falling to the ground is just like his real life reactions.

    I particularly like the chance to pick your own celebration after scoring each goal nothing more satisfying than doing the robot,

    The reason I have scored this a 4 and not a 5 is because in manager mode when you are in control of a strong team like Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City etc if you lose or draw one game against lower opposition your board confidence rating can drop 50% and your reputation will drop one level, this is irrelevant of being in the middle of a 20 match unbeaten run, 10 points clear at top of the league and in a cup final or euro semi finals.

  3.  A Very Good Game


    The story for this picks up where tools of destruction finsihed with the two seperated, this leads to some very well fleshed out levels for clank with a nice new feature of ability to make duplicate recordings making the puzzling side genuinely challenging but not impossible. The weapons are as always brilliant in design and function with some new additions and some old favourites returning. The cut scenes especially with Qwark are funny evoking real laughter emotion, the story telling is strong wothout ever taking itself too seriously as a result.
    Another new feature is some free roaming space missions which prolong the game but borders on repetition despite some decent level design but ultimately does prove rewarding.
    Once you have played the game through well worth a re-visit to collect all the collectibles as well as challenge mode.
    Played the game on Normal level which proved quite challenging this game is good for young and old recommend easy for young.

  4.  This Is Next Gen Gaming


    Cutscenes, animations, dialogue, story, ingame play, multiplayer play all ace.

    The use of the power of PS3 using seperate chip to render the beautiful 3D backgrounds and not impacting quality of the action in front of you just adds to the experience, pacing of game is great (slight slow burner for 1st two levels) plenty of action with puzzle sections (a little easy to solve) providing welcome breaks.

    You must buy this game you will not be disappointed, and if you havent bought the original get that as well.

    Naughty Dog please start making a 3rd game now.

  5.  Slightly disappointing


    I love the summer olympics game one of the reasons i bought a wii, i thought it was well made with obvious room for improvements leading to eventual cash in (2012 anyone) which utilised the controls well.

    So with intrigue i was looking forward to the winter games to see how they would style the sporting formats to the controllers, i do not have the wii fit board so have not benefited from that but it is only available for a couple of events and i am sure it will enhance those games, the rest is just very repetitive tilt control to turn and push down to gain speed and hold steady for balance although yet to try the wii motion cant help but feel that this game could have been used to showcase the update in motion control technology using your actual body and hand movements to perform telemark and crouching for ski jump, crouching to gain speed on downhill, and doing full 360 spins i think the potential for the follow up could be one of the most amazing games ever.

    This game seems to be pitched as a party game but i think it is strongest in single player mode the move away from selecting a few events to a complete olympics makes games last a long time where as the summer olympics pitched it perfectly wih short sharp gaming to be played as long as you liked.

    It is a good game that will appeal to many but could and should have been better.

  6.  Sheer Genius


    One day Matt Bellamy will be mentioned in the same breath as Beethoven and Mozart the talent he has is truly astounding and showcased in this album.

    It is an album that they have admitted is for themselves it's certainly not mainstream but is the most experimental so far, track 8 I belong to you mixes everything they do well and more and is a true guilty pleasure.

    On the whole the album is made up of a more classical mixture this time out with some of the best use of other band sounds I have ever heard elements of Queen, and 70's rock particularly to the fore for me.

    Must buy for any Muse fan, any newcomers try Absolution and black holes 1st as they are more accessible

  7.  Multiplayer fun


    When I first fired it up I was ultra impressed by how they have improved the overall experience of presentation the half time touches and weekly updates I think are exceptional, I like the new animations for gang tackle and also that average players now cannot track and take down a player from an animation seemingly starting 5 yards away, (except in all pro single player see below), also as with all new games loving the trophies which you have to be at all pro to get so some are ultra tough.

    unfortunately as one reviewer has stated gamelay wise it lets itself down at least in single player mode, it is probably no better or worse than madden 09 but where 09 made progress and therefore relative improvement this hasnt made any the 4 main levels are too easy for novice and pro and too frustrating for all pro and all madden for exmaple on all pro or all madden it is very difficult to bust a running back for 10+ yards normally gang tackled after 4 yards yet on defense the opposition seems to bust bigger runs when it needs to breaking tackles with ease, however on pro and lower it is too easy to take it to the house as big of fan as I am of both live and interactive NFL i do not wish to play long 15 minute quarters which if opted gives you more time to build offensive stats to realistic levels. In Ea's quest to make it realisitc they have frogotten about the quick casual gamer looking for fun.

    However mulitplayer still hits the mark as the 'scripted' uneveness in the higher skill levels are negated and you get a sense of much more fairness and plays reflective of real life thinking.

    I also do not like the now standard especially EA immediate availability of purchasing downloadable content whilst continuing to sting us for the full retail price.

    It hasnt necesseraly become a bad game it just isnt such a significant leap forward as claimed I will take it over 09 because I have it but unless you are happy for just roster updates and presentation glitz then perhaps save yourself the upgrade.

  8.  Average at best - single mode only


    If you are a fan of the films then you should love many elements of this game, the humour is spot on its a great coup getting the official voice acting, the facial likeness is great, I love walking around the GB depot using the fire pole and please take the time to listen to the answer messages, and the story line is brilliant could have quite easily been the 3rd film (if made years ago), the graphics overall however are a little bit clumsy and looks like a PS2 game with an HD polish. The gameplay is repetitive just ghosts are harder to trap as you go through the levels and a little short overall. Not had the oportunity to try online or with a mate.

    Overall not bad but not good value for money, maybe worth getting if it becomes available on platinum.

  9.  Good - But typically flawed


    1st one i have tried since TW05 and massively impressed with graphics and how you can see the contours and that they actually have an impact, Also loving the new putting system and finding the game quite tough on pro level.

    Flaws - too much focus on extra revenue from DLC makes me feel like I havent quite got full value for my money and that things were withheld from main game. The option to customise controls from tee to green and geen to pin doesnt work I select right stick for one but it applies to both which means changing my control set up on each hole I hope they patch this fix. The weather whilst good can verge on ridiculous when half way through a round after fine weather the start of rainfall can reduce green speed by 50%???, also they seem to get a lot of very windy days depsite fine sunshine. Not that many playable golfers and gameface is awful.

    Good range of games to play from standard types to mini games, battle golf is a fav, I do miss the legends mode from 05 and also the tiger proofing.

    Despite the flaws i still recommend it as it does what TW has always done and provides you with the opportunity to play fantasy golf on great looking courses and hit shots even the pros couldnt pull off, and the satisfaction of your 1st par, birdie eagle never dies.

  10.  WOW


    Received PSP with Fifa09 for Xmas amazed at quality for such small machine, Graphically think it is amazing (crowd besides) with great animation on special moves etc in game, pace of game is just right and find that AI level is challenging to start but as with all games if your god enough you will find way to win.

    Would almost rate this at 5 stars however there are some minor flaws -which do not detract from enjoyment- although that maybe expected when trying to cram so much into the game.

    Commentary sounds recycled and occasionally doesnt make sense especially on potential injuries, and when your player is to be yellow or red carded after bad tackle your own teammates surround you as if the opposition to indicate you should be sent. minor quibbles but if developer wants it in the make sure it is right.

    Overall would recommend this game to anyone