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  1.  Great Value


    Almost an essential must own especially as platform exclusive, the humour within the game is up there with the best and level design is as good as any platform game I have seen (even with obvious cliches).

    Storylne is good through out and ending leaves you wanting to add the downloadable content which adds to enjoyment of this game.

    Worth buying you will not be disappointed

  2.  Not Bad


    Fans of the last two films should find this a pleasing game with good set peices used from both films with an interesting way of bringing in the casino royale. However non fans who like 1st person shooters may find this average with obvious flaws.

    I am not largely a fan of 1st person shooter games but tried this one largely as big bond fan, was pleasantly surprised at set peices and use of real actor voices helps enhance the experience. Shooting is largely satisifying and imo 3rd person cover perspective is good addition and should be utilised in all 1st person shooters.

    Compared to other games out there this isnt the greatest of its genre but more than enough to keep fans happy and casual gamers entertained.

  3.  Best Star Wars Game


    Unlike other Star Wars game this is actually fun which was the whole point of the movies, plenty to do there is no finer character than lego Darth Vader, (maybe Chewbacca).

    As with all the lego games great value with plenty reason to replay and open up all extras, this one does play differently to the other ones released but only slightly and many who have played this 1st think it is the best lego game.

  4.  Great Fun


    Lego Indy plays differently slightly to Star Wars which did require some time to adapt before sheer enjoyment kicked in at the humour (at the end of the very first level cut scene had me in stitches but helps to have played lego star wars 1st to fully appreciate).

    Game includes majority of the set peices from the films with embellishment as you would expect, once again the game includes great replay value in the free story mode where you can get all the hidden extras and some of these can only be gained from areas where certain characters only can reach.

    Fingers crossed for downloadable content to include the last indy adventure not that I need a reason to play one more time

  5.  Best Lego Game Yet


    Got it for Xmas put it in Playstation and was instantly addicted, this plays more like Indy than Star Wars and character(istics) despite lego unique no voices etc are spot on and gave me urge to watch old and new batman alike but didnt as couldn't put the game down.

    Replay value is excellent as plenty to unlock and redo missions as in traditional lego style some rooms can only be reached using certain characters which requires main story to be completed before free story mode.

    Great fun for all ages alike if you have not delved into the lego world then this is as good a place to start.

  6.  Simply Amazing Must Buy


    One of the best games I have ever played on any platform although main story line is relatively quick to play through, great replay value time and time again looking for treasures and earning trophies as well as story which is very good.