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  1.  Great fun!!


    Great game, great price and great fun. Table tennis and volleyball are my least favourites but are still enjoyable....I unlocked an achievement for the bowling game where you have to score 350 or more on the pin rush and oh my days my arms were throbbing straight after. Its amazing because your burning calories and having fun! Another must have for the kinect whether your a sports fan or not :)

  2.  Feel the burn!!!


    I purchased this yesterday and have to say after 30mins of playing it I was sweating and panting, which is a good thing :) It is after all a fitness game. It's very responsive and accurate and good fun too. A must have for kinect users and fitness fanatics...well worth the money.

  3.  Undecided


    I must say I had been looking forward too watching this since I heard of its release in the U.K, so I opted to buy it last week and watched it that same night with a mate of mine. After watching the opening five mins i thought wow we are onto a winner here, it was beautifully shot in black and white and a very emotional scene, yes there was a close up during the sex scene which may offend some people but come on its an 18 we have all seen it before! You do not watch a film called the anti christ and not expect some scenes which may shock or provoke a reaction. Anyway as the film progressed it kind of dragged for me, I wouldn't label it as a horror more of an emotional drama really. All the "shocking" scenes are within the last 25mins and yes they do make you cringe but are there to shock and cause controversy! I am still undecided on the film as a whole, I think another viewing is in order, this time alone so i can fully take in everything. I would prob rent first as it would be a love/hate film.

  4.  Good but not great!!!


    Firstly....graphics are brilliant, especially the cut scenes, some scenes you watch actually feels like your watching a dvd. Secondly co-op is a must for this game, Im currently on level 6-2 so only two parts left and me and a friend should have completed it. I would say all in all its probably took about 18 hours so far so a decent length in story mode. The levels are good with some creepy moments but its certainly not "the scariest game of the year" as quoted by different magazines and online reviews. As others have said if you want scares then dead space is for you. All in all its a good game but just doesn't have the puzzle solving or scary elements that previous resident evils have had.

  5.  Immense !!!!


    The main reason for getting this was because I was looking for the next big....or at least a title worth getting in the next month or two but there is just nothing coming out that looks worthwhile....So i started looking through top sellers and came across this. I checked up on the 100+ reviews and it didn't have one bad rating and for 17.99 how could you go wrong??Simple answer is you can't. A brilliant, atmospheric game that when combined with my home cinema system, really does scare you and make you jump. On countless occasions I've been walking along thinking nothing is around then windows will smash and these weird looking aliens will come right at you, even ones you think are dead will suddenly just get up and scare the living day lights out of you. I was hoping resident evil 5 would live up to the hype of the "scariest game of the year" but it didn't, the game is good but its just not scary, where as dead space is! Lights out.....volume up and get ready for a good old scare. Go buy it!!!

  6.  Very Enjoyable!!!


    I had this a couple of weeks as a birthday present and couldn't wait to get started on it as i enjoyed the 1st one so much! This doesn't disappoint, the graphics seem improved from the 1st, not quite cod4 graphics but not far off. Easy controls system, great guns, great bosses, its not that difficult though, I am on chapter 5 of 7 and probably played about 6 hours so far, so its probably a 10 hour campaign in total. So not the longest, but very fun! A lot of different chimera to tackle too, a very tense and atmospheric game in parts. Well worth the money!!

  7. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


    9 New from  £1.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29

     Great Game!!!!


    I made the mistake of going straight online as soon as i got this on the day of release! As i had played 500+ games on fifa 08 i thought it would be a great chance to get myself onto the leader-boards right away...... Big mistake! Took some getting used to, much quicker than 08 in my opinion and up until the patch was released a lot of people tended to use the glitches which had been found out........ Through balls, long balls over the top etc and i was getting hammered, then you learn the game, use the custom tactics!! Trust me they work! I only play online so can't speak for manager mode etc! This game is worth 40quid alone just for online play! Great graphics, great gameplay, feels great beating someone online! In a nutshell,,,, its awesome! Beats pes 2009 hands down! This is coming from me, who always used to get pes over fifa until konami's sloppy 2008, next gen effort!!! Fifa all the way!

  8.  mmmmmm, maybe!


    First impressions....... may come good in the end. Not too impressed so far! Some events are just no fun at all! Does not come close to Track and field for ps1. You will have fun with the running events, but the tennis, diving, weightlifting will just leave you feeling bored, I will judge it again in about a weeks time after a few games with friends. Online may be fun! Maybe it just needs time! If you go on first impressions though, save your money.

  9.  amazing


    amazing game you must own this game!!!def one for your ps3 collection. great price at 39.99