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  1.  Great


    Great price for a pack of 6 protectors (3 front, 3 back). Dispatched same day as ordered, received in under 48 hours.
    I've never found a screen protector, cheap or pricey that lasts for all that long, especially if you have a cover that can rub against it, so getting a pack like this is great value and means when one fails, you have another ready to apply.

  2.  Great for price


    A great little torch for the price. Maglite's are sturdy and do the job well. Really doesn't keep up with LED torches, but if you bought an LED torch for this price, it'd be rubbish!

  3.  Great cable


    Bought this so I could connect a laptop to the TV. It's perfect, you can spend an awful lot of money on HDMI cables but I've not noticed a difference in quality between very cheap ones (like this one) and very expensive ones (70 quid+) when used on a home TV.
    Great value, don't even look twice at a HDMI cable over a fiver unless you're wanting a longer one.

  4.  Great cable


    Bought this as my BT Home Hub 3 doesn't connect to anything other than a computer so was unable to get my Wii online without trailing a cable across the room, fancied not having to keep plugging in and unplugging all the time so got this longer cable to go round the wall. Works perfectly!

  5.  Bargain!


    Someone recently bought us 2 copies of this as a gift, purely because they wanted to get us 2 Wii Motion+ remotes, but was actually cheaper to buy this bundle than he could find the remotes independently! Fun little game, well worth buying this bundle if you need a new Wii Motion + remote, although play do sell the Wii Motion+ remote in white for 30 pounds, but for an extra fiver you could have it in red and have a fun new game!

  6.  Great product, shouldn't be necessary though


    I had to buy this when we changed our internet service provider and were supplied with the BT Home Hub 3 which sadly can't maintain a stable wireless connection to any devices other than PC's and our old router won't work with the fibre optic broadband. This device works just fine, gives us a reliable wired connection to the otherwise unreliable Home Hub but it's disappointing Nintendo didn't have the foresight to design an inbuilt ethernet port into the Wii meaning you have to spend more money if you want to connect to a wired network. All in all, a good working product, hence 5 stars.

  7.  Awesome!


    Sent same day, received a few days later. Good quality t shirt and a nice fit.

    IT HAS A WORM ON IT! What's not to love?

  8.  Brilliant speakers, a few minor flaws


    This is a great speaker set, the sound is fantastic and it's so compact it's just great to use around the house or take camping.
    A few criticisms though, the remote control has to be pointed directly at it unlike other remote controlled devices, which can inhibit where you position it.
    In order to use it as an aux speaker using the 3mm jack, you have to have the source (laptop, mp3 player etc) on full volume or the speaker will keep turning off, this doesn't affect the brilliant sound quality but the speaker comes on at a really high volume, and I'm worried one day I might set it up and go make a brew or something and the speakers will blow.. Plus, it can give you quite a shock!!
    Even though it's marked to 'Work with iPhone', I still get that stupid message on my iphone when I dock it warning the product isn't designed for iPhone, however, I just discard it and I don't get any interference, even when I use the dock to listen to internet radio through the iPhone's 3G connection.
    All in all, a great speaker that pumps out brilliant sound that can compete with a lively party, despite its small size, which in turn makes it a great companion on a camping trip or BBQ. Knocked a star off for the mild annoyances it delivers as it is a pricey product and you'd expect it to be perfect. There are cheaper portable docks out there, but you will be compromising on sound quality so it's worth saving up for this fella and being happy with it!

    *Quick Update* - Forgot to mention in my original review that the speaker comes with plug adaptors or the UK or Europe. Went to Prague for the weekend so took the dock with me and cracked out the Euro adaptor which meant we could have a great soundtrack for the weekend in our apartment and I could also keep my iphone charged up without having to mess around with adaptors for the charger. Only took a small rucksack as hand luggage and this speaker hardly took up any space. Another plus point! Not quite enough to win that fifth star though..

  9.  Best on the market, at a reasonable price!


    This is a great screen protector, ofcourse it provides the protection to your very very precious iphone screen but it also looks great, reduces glare and doesn't show up finger prints, which for many people is the most annoying feature of having a touchscreen phone.
    This is the second screen protector I've had and I found it easier to apply than my previous (Even though I did get that on fine 1st time, I remember it being a bit more fiddly), which was a cheap one that came with a case but maybe that's because I've done it before on my phone, and helped a few friends.
    I am a little gutted that a previous reviewer got 2 Maoam sweets in her envelope and I only got 1.. But it was 1 more than I was expecting so I'm not going to complain!!
    All in all, I recommend this product 100%.

  10.  Drive and listen in safetly - Great piece of kit!!


    I got one of these as a Christmas gift and I have to say it's excellent.
    I have an Iphone 3G which I connect via an aux in on my car stereo and I like to use the ipod on random shuffle of all songs when I'm driving and just skip the ones I don't want to listen to. Anyone with an iphone or ipod touch will know that the simple act of skipping tracks on these devices while driving isn't safe as there aren't physical buttons, so you have to take your eyes off the road to see the skip buttons on the screen.
    This product removes that problem as it plugs into the dock connecter on the ipod/iphone so it can take control of the device (Just like a speaker dock in the home does so you can change tracks with the remote) It then has the physical buttons on the plug so you can change tracks without taking your eyes off the road.. Perfect..
    It also charges the device (Any iphone owner will know the importance of being able to charge on the move) and as it's a dock connection to the stereo, there's no conflict with the volume of the device against the volume of the stereo, if that makes sense.
    Added to that is the light ring around the play/pause button that pulses red when it's charging and stays a steady green once your device is fully charged, nice little touch.
    All in all, if you use an ipod (especially a touch model) when driving then this is a great product, well worth the price as it's far more than just a charger. The practicallity of the buttons on the plug obviously depends on the location of the cigarette lighter socket in your car, but this is usually within pretty easy reach from the driving position.
    Final note - if you caused an accident because you were looking at your ipod to change tracks, you'd be done for driving without due care & attention, which would set you back a lot more than the 40 quid this product will cost you (Not to mention potential prison time if the accident is fatal)!