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  1.  simply Awesome


    Years ago i played the original tomb raider and boy did i enjoy it. It was the first game id played with a woman and the main role and it wasnt just that she was hot for a computer figure but the games were epic. Years went by and tomb raider as a product vanished.
    Well along comes the new tomb raider available on the PS4. I thought it was worth a try, just for old times sake but i wasnt expecting anything great.
    My oh my how wrong was I.
    Lara as tomb raider is back, and shes back with a bang!
    This game has it all. Its gameplay is smooth and much improved, the storyline is good, the hidden items and easy to find, the customisation is good, the weapons are brilliant, charaters and graphics are absolute quality.
    Lara is easy to control and she moves quite simply in every which way you can hope for. Its simular to AC controls but without the ever present button pressing to climb and grab ledges. Its very impressive. Quite simply she is better to control than the master assassin. The graphics really do look brilliant on a big telly in hd, and you can definately see the difference from a ps3. When shes wet she looks wet and when shes climbing or fighting or just in a cut scene everything is just as good as you could wish it to be.
    The game suprised me in that it is quite raw and the fighting and kills are pretty graphic, not what you may expect from TR of old.
    The setting is class too and the enviroments are easy to negotiate with the story split into sectors which you can also fast travel between if you want to go back for something you have missed.
    The cut scenes and action scenes are quite simply some of the best and it just makes me wish i could play as Lara in a micro bikini lol.
    Ok maybe im too old for falling in love with a computer game figure now but with the extras just check out the Girl that plays Lara Croft. WOW.
    Ok so shes hardly working class, actually growing up trying archery isnt exactly everyones cup of tea or available to 99 percent of the population but she is definately made for the role.
    Now i feel its just time for a new generation to enjoy TR and for Lara the journey continues and its only going to get better.
    Great news for us.

  2.  A true Gem!!


    To say this game is poor is beyond a joke. This game is a true master piece and one worthy of the new consoles. One that certainly makes me glad i've upgraded, finally!
    I think that anyone that says this game is rubbish has no passion for games at all, and doesn't remember what games used to be...
    I know that this is available on the old consoles but the transfer is amazing. The attmosphere created is brilliant, the shadows in the game are your lifeline and the fog and mist and lighting in this game is sometimes breathtaking.
    The gameplay is good too, it's kind of an open world, although not in the realms of Skyrim, however its large enough and alot of your time will be dedicated to roaming the streets which look top draw.
    Your charater is obviously a thief and he upgrades in skills such as the bow and lock picking. He gains money from stealing goods and finding lost treasures. Im kind of an old skool gamer and its a breath of fresh air to finally have a game where you can take your time and plan your route rather than rushing in, and for doing so you get rewarded.
    The game has plenty of puzzles too and traps, so you aways need to watch your step and use your focus which is your main weapon and advantage.
    Chapter 5 is my favourate so far and the 1st time i played it i thought it was just amazing. It really is a great example of what games can be, and if like me you love gaming then you will like it to.
    All your missions can be replayed and it is always a bonus, if for example you want to try another style or gain more loot for achieving goals.
    Your main aim is not to get seen and to try and get through the game hidden, which would be a master achievement and one that is a challenge on its own.
    The campaign has taken me through about 11 hours so far and i've still got plenty to do with side missions and the like. So this game is more to do with the campaign than the online experience, which is also a nice break from the likes of c.o.d or bf4.
    My advice, put on your leathers and get this already! This is no rip off and Thief was around along time ago. Glad its back!

  3.  A pirates life for me!


    This is the first assains creed game that I have actually been bothered to play, all the others just haven't interested me for one reason or another.
    I am mighty impressed.
    This game is amazing 5 stars is just no where near enough.
    Open world games that keep me interested are few and far between but this is one of them!
    I could tell you what you can do on the game but that might just ruin it. So ill tell you what I like and what I dont.
    Firstly the action takes you from busy coastal citys to pirate islands, tropical islands, sea battles to stealth missions to commanding your fleet to upgrading your charater, ship and even island. It is remarkable and there is simply so much to do.
    It looks and plays stunning. The scenary is breathtaking, the battles and combat engaging, just simply sailing is enjoyable thanks to ever changing weather conditions and collectable shantys. Which I love.
    Not once have I encountered a bug, only the occasional glitch and they do not spoil the enjoyment one bit they are just funny.
    The mission types vary and exploring and recovering stuff like treasure doesnt become a chore. Searching for stuff is actually good fun and a nice break from the main missions so i could spend hours doing this and not following the main story line. This is the sign of a great game.
    You do have to follow the story to gain certain unlocks and the ability to dive underwater for instance, which is awesome.
    During the story you will find that you move about the map and discover new locations, but there is no penalty in going to these places first and finding new areas to explore. Plus you can use these locations to fast travel.
    The towns do take a while to clear of all unlockables and collectables so you can find yourself spending hours just in one city or you can have a break and go somewhere else. It is really well put together and draws you in remarkably well.
    Dislikes, well this is maybe the shortest of any game. But these are my only gripes.
    Stealth kills from bushes etc some times dont work drawing you into combat, which is annoying if you wish to remain undiscovered.
    Taking ships is great but the cut scenes for making a pirate a captain or repairing the ship do repeat themselves and become boring.
    Occasional collectables seem impossible to get, a quick search on the internet can help you out.
    I think thats it.
    My advise, buy this and give it a go if its one of your first games on the PS4 or XBOX One you will not be disapointed. Plus you get hours upon hours of fun without having to buy add on packs!! Which are a disgrace.
    I wouldnt say this is replayable unless you are right near the start, only because of the length of time it takes to complete, so id trade it in rather than play again.

  4.  two steps forwards, twenty back!


    OK firstly I am no COD hater, I have loved the games, MW2 in particular was epic. I have bought, MW1 and 2, BLOPS 1 and 2, Ghosts and even World at War.
    Well NO More.
    I just find that these games dont change and certainly not enough to warrant my money any more. They charge more than anyone at release and expect you to buy into all these extra packages. Well the game just is not that good enough.
    The campaign is good and looks really good in 3D. There is no two ways about it. Some nice ideas in there, like the underwater features, the skyscraper steath mission and the Dog is great.
    The campaign just is not enough to keep me buying these games anymore though.
    The online is just the same, new maps and the usual running about trying to find someone to shoot with the ever present quick scope snipers etc etc. Nothing has changed and its not exciting enough to get me going about this now over hyped FPS.
    Being a girl soldier doesnt really float my boat either, I mean who really wants that apart from the girl players that put GIRL as their clan tag like it really matters.
    Well it doesnt. 99 percent of the time all you see is their hands and they wear gloves so you cant stop and chat and compare nail varnish!
    OK it might please the girls that go and fight for their country too, which is great, but this is not a game changing idea that makes me go WOW.
    COD are clutching at straws and really do need to take a look at BF4. That game is epic. 64 player battles. All manner of vehicles. I could go on and on. If you have the next GEN consoles, trust me do not bother with COD and the screaming kids and constant swearing and abuse from other players, try BF4.
    I hated BF I ditched, 2 and 3 within hours of playing. They have really stepped up their game. It is amazing!
    But this is a COD review. So ill just finish by saying not enough steps forwards, too many back.
    I know where my money is going from now on. And I know which game will be traded in, thats nomally treasured in my collection. BYE COD RIP...

  5.  This is WAR!!


    O.K firstly I am not a massive fan of the battlefields series, I bought 2 and 3 and I didnt like them. I loved COD in all honesty and have always bought the COD games.
    I think that this Battlefields is remarkable. It is certainly a game to get you hooked. It looks stunning, it plays stunning. Its war on a massive scale.
    The guns the equipment the vehicles all look and sound brilliant.
    The game itself is not easy and as a battlefields novice i do struggle and find it hard to adjust but theres so much more to this game than COD.
    I havent tried the Campaign so cant comment but the ONLINE experience is like no other.
    Im still unlocking things even now after approx 100 hours of gameplay and trust me that is nothing, some people seem to live on this game.
    Theres unlocks for your weapons, of which there is a massive choice. Unlocks for your vehicles and aircraft etc. To which seem the hardest to get used to controlling, such as your scout and attack choppers.
    There is also plenty of choice in which type of game to play from conquest on a massive scale to a simple but fun team death match.
    I bought COD too and played the campaign or most of it. It looks amazing and is really good in 3D especially. But I put the ONLINE on and im sorry to say its died a death. I know not everyone will agree with me. But i played Battlefields ONLINE first before COD. When I put COD on I was greated by swearing and kids screaming and not the best gameplay too. I think COD has been on decline since MW2. It seems to have lost its way. Battlefields for me could only get stronger on Next Gen. Excellent game and Tonnes of FUN. Even if i do die too much!!

  6.  awesome by capcom


    Resi in my eyes has died. So I gave this a go on a free by psn. Omg it has simply put my faith back in those guys. This game is amazing and very very addictive. It takes abit of time to get used to but it is really really good. The story is good. The lead charater you play is hot. The game has many aspects, do not expect a button basher here. You have to think your way past enemys plus you need to plan your attacks. It gets better and better as you level up. Plus its a long game too. Theres fighting and puzzles and plenty of tough bits. But I absolutely love this game. Graphically it is stunning an all together a real mint game. Give it a go I swear you wont be disapointed unless you suck at games and dont like cutscenes....

  7. REC 2

    REC 2


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     Kool Film and scary bits


    I really enjoyed this film although i think its probably not one ill put on loads and loads but it was a good horror and very intense and freaky in parts.
    It certainly wasnt a film that you could take your eyes off even if you wanted to.
    I thought the story was excellent although it seemed to fade towards the end just a tad. Still very very good interlinked stories and good enough acting and excellent effects.
    I havent seen the first but i think ill have to get that now.
    The setting is excellent and very creepy. And the kids are brutal and very fast. It really does give you the creeps at times.

  8.  good classic horrors


    I bought this steelbook thinking that id not seen the films before although having watched it i realised i had actually seen the first of the movies on tv some years ago. These are absolute gems and although they look a little tame now these films must of been stuff of nightmares at the time. Real good transfer and no grain at all. A great movie to put on and have a laugh at with some mates. And the films do have some really funny charaters and some quality scenes to boot. Love the first, very original. Very pleased to have this in my collection.



    I found this film to be a pretty good watch, purely on the basis of the effects and visuals. Some of the effects are absolutely mind blowing and its got a not too bad story in all honesty.
    Ive seen alot lot worse.
    However I did find myself cringing at times at the acting and although the film isnt really based on that it would certianly of helped.
    I didnt find myself cheering on the humans in the end but actually hoping that they failed and everybody died. The acting is that bad at times and the rally speach near the end like the presidents speach in independence day is so american and although they might go yeah wooo, hell yeah, i most certainly didnt.
    However, all in all its a really good film for the effects at least and well worth banging on even if just once.
    I wish I watched this at age 15, Id of loved it. 5 stars, for sure!
    Now, im afraid ill just give it 3.

  10.  top game. but maybe just the once


    i enjoy the killzone series, ive played 2 and 3, and found them a nice FPS and i love the duck and cover aspect. The graphics are top draw and the stories arent too bad if not just a little too american!
    The game in 3D is awesome and takes it to an all new level.
    Plus the game isnt too easy and a challenge even on a low level.
    I just cant give this game 5 stars due to the multiplayer not gripping me and the campaign although good, not one i want to put on over and over again.