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Product Reviews

9 (78% helpful)

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  1.  Eerie and creepy


    What an excellent game, all creepy and eerie. There is something quite satisfying about smashing zombies with a cricket bat. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, paranoia is around every corner, rats show up on your radar as well as zombies. It's not all about hitting the hardest, there is also a bit of tactics.

  2.  Worth waiting all these years to see again


    This instantly transported me back to my childhood. I only got the chance to see it once (all those years ago). I didn't know if this would now appeal to someone of my age. But I was NOT disappointed in the slightest. The blue voice still sends shivers up my spine. Buy this and then claim it's for the kids

  3.  Enjoyable


    All in all it's cricket on the Wii - it's fun, which is what a game should be. In one player mode it's good as a stand alone game. In two player exhibition mode it's a great game. If you love cricket then you should own this game.

    Some reviewers have stated that the graphics are poor - I partially agree with this on a 50Hz TV although the replays more than make up for this. If this was televised cricket then I don't think the average viewer could see if the ball was edged in normal speed.
    Some reviewers have said that that the game play is a little basic. I say crank the settings up to the hardest and then try to "6" every ball. The controls are basic enough to pick up and play, but difficult enough to master.
    Don't be put off by the negative reviewers