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  1.  Fun but lacking


    Visuals and environment and use of powers is fun. However all aspects of combat is hack and slash button mash with the powers to aid you being rather lackluster. It makes me miss the simply but interesting parrying style of the prequels. It was a toss up between the new one or the remastered set of all three ps2 classics. Can't help but feel i made the wrong choice.

  2.  Not bad for the price


    Bought it as it was nice and cheap. Quite good gameplay but it reminds me terribly of pokemon with how what level you are determines how good you are which annoys me as it leaves little room for success by skill. But still a fun game

  3.  Great


    I saw that it was a risk what colour you got but I didn't care really, I got a white one and am very happy with it. Play.com has now organised them into colour groups but the other colours cost more now so don't know if thats better or worse. Only downpoint is that although you can turn off it talking the time every hour you can't stop it talking when you illuminate the clock to see the time.

  4.  Cannot fault


    Added my own climbing rope to replace the nylon used to secure the hammock but this was a matter of choice. Extremely comfortable and great for warm afternoons.

  5.  Not bad, not as good as had hoped


    I bought this game stupidly believing that you could wreak havoc split screen with a friend, however you can only do co-op online which is actually quite pointless. But besides that it is a very fun and enjoyable game (but only when you aren't on a constant timer). The most fun i've had with this game is when I let the time run out and simply perused each shop looking at what I could use for a weapon. The story mode normally would be fun and not frustrating but unfortunately no 'checkpoint' system was integrated - not even for boss battles so you will end up at your last save if you die.

  6.  Fantastic


    Brilliant on blu-ray looks better than at the pictures. Great story, epic film.

  7.  Fantastic! Better sound than my £30 over ear sennheisers


    Some people do seem to be getting breakages but I've had mine for ages now and still work perfectly. It is true you get the wind rushing sound outside, but not greatly so, and u can hear your own footsteps sometimes but again not too intrusive. They are better suited to indoor use and definatly not for excercise, but still fantastic.

  8.  Good for the price


    They do slip a bit with rigorous play, but the option to superglue them on is always there. The spotted ones are much better than the inverted. Shame it diidn't come with two pairs of spotted ones instead.

  9.  Brilliant Mouse Such a simple setup!!!


    Took it out of the package, run the tiny disk took two seconds to install the drivers, then plug in the absolutely tiny dongle (which fits perfectly into the bottom of the mouse when not in use) and away you go.
    The only thing I would note is not to but this mouse if you intend to be playing games or using thouroughly for long periods of time. This is because it is quite small and doesnt fit your hand fully. Great for limited use or on the go, not for games.

  10.  Great Cover no problems


    Fits My 15.6" laptop perfectly as said. Looks great and keeps the dust off my laptop without causing and abrasions on the laptop (which you can get with with cheaper covers).