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  1.  Old school cool.


    Great poster,
    Great size.
    Great design.
    Must have for old school SEGA/Sonic fans.

  2.  Best Fighting Game On Xbox 360


    Ok I Was Over Hyped for This Game.
    The Game Is Awesome In Every Way.
    Great Characters.
    Story Wasn't all That Great But The Beat em' Up Feature Was ace!
    In My Opinion It's the Best Fighting Game On 360 Since soul Calibour IV.

  3.  Great Bundle. TF2 Is Awesome!


    Half life 2 - is awesome
    Half life 2 episode 1 - (i haven't played it yet)
    Half life 2 episode 2 - (haven't played it yet)
    Portal - could be boring but really funny in most parts of the game
    Team fortress 2 - before playing team fortress i was into halo alot! And when i bought my copy of the orange box team fortress 2 is my faveorite online game on the xbox 360. (I have played gears of war, halo 3 and call of duty) but i prefer team fortress 2 as a online shooter it's just more fun and addictive to play.

  4.  Awesome!


    Ok DMC4 Is one of my faveorite games i own on xbox 360 because this game has every think i like in a game and i tell you things which are awesome. The graphics are great, the story is intresting as you go on in the game, Hack 'n' Slash, Great cutscenes, good voice acting and the boss battles are awesome. There is only one thing i dont like about this game its not a big problem but it gets annoying for me is the camera angle but still 5 Stars!

  5.  Awesome!


    If You Had £12 and Chuck Norris Had £12 Chuck Norris Will Still Have More Money Than You..

  6.  Very Very Fun!


    This was one of my first games on my 360 it was really fun and really easy to get achievements.

  7.  Good But Boring..


    The graphics are awesome the jumping around buildings is cool but it was just boring..

  8.  Ermm.. Didn't Get Into It


    I don't know what it was but i just didn't get into this series i just felt it pretty boring most of the time the only thing i play the game for is achievements i guess.

  9.  My Faveorite Marvel Game Yet


    When this was released i just had to buy it (huge marvel fan) i first got it on the ps2 the graphics were good at the time about 1 year later i got a xbox 360 then i thought that this was so fun on the playstation why not get it on the 360 so i did and it was great!
    On the 360 verson you get 2 more characters (without the dlc) my faveorite moonknight and the x-man colossus it was just awesome the online co-op aswell but the online is kinda dead now days but it is really cool if your a marvel fan you will love it so many different villans and heroes and levels it was just great!

  10.  Who Need's The Warehog?!


    The game was really cool speed the boss battles were great but really what do people look for in a sonic the hedgehog game?
    Yes that's it speed. When you play as the hedgehog is really awesome! But i just didn't like the warehog...