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  1.  Great film!


    I've realised that i seem to rate all the films as 5 stars but i guess im just a massive fan of films and this one is no dissapointment. A brilliant story line and cast.....a fun, lively, feel-good film. I'd imagine it wouldn't be everyones cup of tea but if you want a relaxing, easy film, give it a go and you'll probably be surprised :))

  2.  Very Enjoyable


    Bought this dvd a long while ago but only watched it for the first time today, im gutted i havn't watched it earlier because it is a beautiful film. It is not action packed but the story is enchanting and wonderful and it will bring a smile to everyone. A lovely film, im so glad i've watched it.

  3.  A compelling love story which totally overwhelms you


    I cannot describe how beautiful and romantic this film is. Any film or show about Victoria and Albert's love is bound to be mesmerizing and this fits the bill. It is one of the most wonderful films i have ever seen. It allows us to see how their relationship developed in the very beginning. Blunt and Friend are perfect for the title roles. A fantastic film, one for those of us who are true romantics at heart.

  4.  A compelling read!


    Goes into extraordinary detail about her whole life. Dates of events, people in Marilyn's life, the people who took advantage of her - this book shows the full story of Marilyn's life. An excellent read for any Marilyn fan - it provided me with tears and laughter and it has shown me what a wonderful and inspiring woman she was.

  5.  Emotional and Fantastic!


    Wow! This is the most emotional book i've ever read. I read it in 3 days and i cried most of the way through. Sparks has yet again wrote a thrilling novel. If your a fan of Sparks then you should read this, it will not dissappoint!

  6.  Brilliant!


    If your a fan of Miley then i would definitely reccommend this book but i would also reccommend it to anyone. Its one of the most inspiring books i've ever read. Many people might not like Miley but she sure has a strong head on her shoulders. Full of personal memories, this book provides plenty of laughing and smiling moments! Miley shows in this book that life is for living! A great book written by one great gal :)

  7.  It gets better and better...........


    Just as good as the three proceeding books. I reccommend that everyone read this and obviously the others. A riveting love story thats full of twists and turns. This book in particular had me off the edge off my seat all the way through.........can't praise it enough :)

  8.  An enchanting read!


    Found this book randomly one day and im so thrilled that i did. It is a great book! Charmian has plenty of thrilling stories to tell about working on the film, her co -stars and her life after the film. Its had me crying, laughing and smiling :) If you have seen the film and enjoyed it then i reccommend you buy this. An easy read which enhances the magic of the phenomenon that is The Sound of Music.

  9.  Outstanding!


    Saw the film twice at the cinema and cannot wait for it to be released on dvd. Amazing film, Mcadams and Bana are the perfect Claire and Henry! The book is better but not by much. I reccommend you do both - read the novel and watch the film. Both made me cry. The film is phenominal, don't miss out :)

  10.  Outstanding


    Bought the book after watching the film 'The Aviator'. The insight into his relationships and his life is just phenominal. If your a fan of 'The Aviator' or of Howard Hughes then i would reccommend you buy this. An outstanding read which may bring a tear to your eye, it sure did with me..........