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    Everyone should have one of these. Hook a ntfs or fat32 hard drive up and it plays everything. Mkv files no problem. Plays dts no problem. Plays wma no problem. Everything the ps3 won't play it plays without any problems whatsoever.

  2.  Breathtaking future medieval apocalypse


    Fantastic movie, showing the life of a group of people in the aftermath of dragons taking over the earth. The apocalyptic medieval existence is superbly rendered. Sound and visuals are absolutely amazing. The lossless track on this is one of the best I have heard. Highly recommended.

  3.  Atmospheric sci-fi looks and sounds great on Blu


    This movie comes alive on bluray.. the audio is creepy and atmospheric, and the visuals are pin sharp. Very well made space-set claustrophobic thriller, recommended to all sci-fi fans out there.

  4.  Incredible in high def - BUY NOW!


    Not only are the visuals breathtaking in HD, but the audio is DTS-HD Master audio so better than most made for television documentaries will ever be. The jungle and the sea comes alive in your living room.
    And of course David Attenboroughs lush tones are as clear as a bell. Amazing nature documentary, simply stunning on blu-ray!

  5.  Movie-like exceptionally crafted gem of a game


    What an amazing atmosphere this game creates. I'm more of a movie watcher than a game player, but this game is nothing short of spellbinding. Dark, sinister, engrossing, spooky..its a superb movie-like experience. Graphics are exceptional, and the audio is wonderfully cinematic. The score would not be out of place in a big budget movie. All in all its a gorgeously playable game for Batfans.

  6.  Noise and chaos


    I liked the first fun movie, so I settled down to watch this in HD and immediately was impressed with the fantastic audio and video. But where's the story? Stupid characters abound in this sequel, and its obvious Michael Bay just threw in these trite characters, along with bigger explosions and hot chicks, for the teenage lads back-of-the-cinema crowd. Anyone else will be disappointed by this soulless, crass, FX driven equivalent of fast food stretched to a mind numbing 150 minutes. Even as a blu-ray demo disc I'd avoid if I were you, and stick to the original.

  7.  Beautiful looking and sounding fantasy


    Really enjoyable Terry Gilliam film about the exploits of The Brothers Grimm who are "Frighteners" style charalatans who are called to locate missing girls and thus stumble into the living world of fairytales..
    One of the best looking blu-rays I own, you could take any scene, frame it and hang it on the wall. Gorgeous visuals. Also the PCM audio is spellbinding, the amazing score has never sounded better. Recommended.

  8.  Under-rated demo quality blu-ray


    OK its not a masterpiece, but in my opinion this movie has been totally under-rated, and John Moore did a fantastic job with this remake. One of the main draws for the HD fans out there is the stunning DTS-HD 5.1 Master soundtrack, particularly during the "desert storm crash" scene early on. A masterful and exhilerating wall of sound fills your room, with swirling wind FX and rumbling bass. Superb. Excellent blu-ray, a demo disc. Image quality is also superb, the baking heat of the Gobi leaps off the screen. Buy it.