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  1.  just stop complaining


    im not going to go in the details about how great it is because at least 50 people have done it
    im just going to state the obvious there is no way in hell you can not like this game but like the old game come on

    there are these people complanning about the story lenght but it is around the same as the first one maybe even a hour longer the online is much better have jet to get a crash the grameplay much better garphics amazing

    so if you like cod4 get it if you dont dont

    simple as that

  2.  1star movie 5star firewood


    shockingly bad and just boring and the stupid nudity i loved a clockwork orange but this was even too disturbing for me i couldnt even finish it off and decided best place for it was the fire so i set there and watch how the worst movie i ever saw or will see burned to pieces and i laughed like a mad men happy to have it out off my possesion but i must say it surprisingly it burned for hours its great im serouisly thinking of buying ten of them and just burning them

    so if your looking for a good movie turn away but if ur looking for some great fuel to keep you warm all night buy this movie as it will not let you down

  3.  brilliant movie terrible score


    i have not been a fan of adams since i was well 8
    i found most of his movie just stupid comedys so i must say i came into this movie very short minded
    and i must say if it wasnt for a late night movie i would never had seen it but it was brilliant down to every detail
    yes this is a love storey but not like most its dark mysterious and you really feel sympathy to adams character
    the acting is great with not one foot steped wrong in the whole
    movie every one playing there roles perfectly
    the reason i only gave it 4 is the one thing i can say thats wrong with it is the score is terrible with it playing all the way true it just gets irratating and you plead for it to stop if only a way to turn of the music but keep it playing this would havbe been one of my favorite allbums of all time

  4.  the weakness and strenght of the album are actually the same


    first of i just want to say amazing album exonosis symphony is one of the greatest piece of music i have ever heard
    i have been a fan of muse for 6 years now but i cannot decide if this album is a good or bad thing for muse.
    They are making the same turn the beatles made 40 years ago it is in fact a great album but it's allot more technical and apart from uprising i really cant see fans screaming there lyrics back at them in a middle of a concert it is also much slower and doesnt have that
    disco pace black holes had and that could be a problem for muse seeing that allot of there publicity is about how good they are live. so i might just ruin the live but it defiantly there best album so far


  5. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    24 New from  £3.63  Free delivery

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     top ten album of the 2000s


    Florence is a emmotians mess it will start you of happy and cheery with songs like dog days
    but when you come to girl with one eye(one of the most powerful songs of the year) you will want to cry

    but then you will reach cosmic love which is like sitting on a empty beach in the coast of spain and have you as calm as well something thats really calm.
    should have well one the mercury
    like bat for lashes meets metallica amazing
    get it

  6. WET


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £9.89  Free delivery

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     kill bill the game


    Downloaded the demo today
    One of the best games of the year the game play is fast plus there is alot of moves so it doesn't get boring quickly
    Car surfing is brilliant sure you don't have alot of freedom (pressing the buttons that come on screen)but the graphics and moves make up for that
    But the best part by far is when the screen when red and you were able to do everything in slow mo the last game like this max payne was one of the greatest game of all time and this is just as good
    It is alot like kill bill (well not alot it is kill bill) i can see tarentino sueing them pretty soon but thats there bussines the fact is its a great game and buy it .


  7. Humbug


    Arctic Monkeys - CD

    17 New from  £12.59  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.48

     arctic monkeys sucicide note


    i have been fan of arctic monkeys since there debut album which i thought along with white strips "elephant" and modest mouse's "we died before the ship sank" where the greatest albums of the 2000s but since then they have been going downhill some call it maturing
    all the old songs about robbing cars and running away from the police have been switch with lyrics which make no sense and the worse is yet to come all there fast pace songs with 200 beats a minute have been replaced with you must call ballets this band is not arctic monkeys to be honest it is more like last shadow puppets with electric guitars and drums
    the reason i gave it three stars is because by all means it is not a bad album just terrible for a band like arctic monkeys