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  1.  Not Bad for something which you've never heard of.


    After watching the tournament I must say I was impressed. The fight and action sequences do well to keep the viewer entertained, while the backstory and premise of this tournament allows the viewer to become deeper involved with it. The idea behind it is quite basic: Several assasins fight it out in a random city while rich fat cats watch and bet on the winner. It does get a little silly when they say that the organizers can simply palm off any damage and loss of life to such explanations as "terrorism" or "madman with a gun" especially not when many of the fights happen on a busy motorway, city centres or areas where the public are present. The soundtrack accompanies the action very well and the cast do pull off the action and dialogue very well. Despite there being 30 assasins in this tournament the story focuses on primarily 4, with the inclusion of a drunken Irish (typical) priest who gets mixed up in the action. The characters are set up quite well, with poetic justice being served to the characters whom the film sets you up to hate the most. While at some points it does look like the film was thrown together and some scenes were just added in to add filler time it is pulled of incredibly well.
    Overall I would say that "The Tournament" is a film I would recommend, rent it from blockbuster if you're still not sure. But for the price its being sold at it is a very good deal.

  2. F



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     More Funny than Scary


    From the title, box art and descriptions on the back of the box, one would expect "F" to be much like the film "Harry Brown". The film sells itself on the idea that "hoodies trap people inside a school". Being a British made film I was expecting some level of realism from it, to which I was greeted within the first 5 minutes. Its representation of student respect for teachers is definitly accurate in this day and age. But thats where the "British Realism" stops. The film does not set itself up, after the 5 minutes of realism, as it sells itself to do so, as it says on the back of the box. The "hoodies" which trap the cast inside the school are more like monkey ninjas who seem to be too well organized for a gang of hoodies. This is accompanied by an aweful soundtrack whenever they show up and terrible diaglogue whenever the cast are scared or asked to show any emotion which isn't being miserable about life.
    Overall I would say that "F" is nothing to write home about. All context of realism is thrown out the window when the "hoodies" are able to leap across bookshelves and hang from ceilings like monkeys and the soundtrack which sounds off whenever they are "stalking their prey" is horrible. While it does try to set up tension well thats about all it does do well. I would NOT recommend getting this film, it is a waste of time and money. If you want to see a good modern British film involving "hoodies" and "realism" get Harry Brown.

  3.  Very Good RTS Adapted for Console and PC


    There are many instances where console RTS's just don't work. Especially considering that many console gamers just don't do the micro management which is required for RTS games. Supreme Commander 2 is one of the rare occurances whereby the RTS genre is given a fair chance on a console market filled with FPS and Fighting games.
    The game makes things as easy for the player as possible with most games being able to be won by maxing out ones army and sending them across the map with orders to crush everything in their path. However the diversity of the units and structures is what really sold Supreme Commander for me. There are many different types of land, sea and air units with which the player can use to demolish their opponant, with most skirmish maps on the game supporting each class in a unique fashion, I.E. while Naval units are quite effective on one map, on another they may be completely useless compared to air support.
    Structures are not just a means for gathering resources, or creating more units to add to your increasingly large army. They are now activly used in the support of large scale assaults on the enemy, with such buildings as the Long Range Artillery or Nuke Silo being able to dispense punishment at a long range without sacrificing some of your first units and can often soften up enemies for a devastating assault. Defenses can be improved aswell with more than just simple land and air turrets, Sheilding can be set up to defend from the enemies attacks while some structures are able to activly repair other damaged structures.

    The controls make things as easy as they can for the player with the main two buttons being RB and X (select all units on screen and attack respectivly) Other options are available for the more experienced RTS players such as: Patrol, defend, repair and Salvage. The game itself is relativly simple as are most RTS games. What sets this apart from something such as Halo Wars is that the micro management for large scale attacks option is there. The population cap for this is 200-250 and players will sometimes find it difficult filling it with the units they want. Micro management, while the option is there, is not essential for a mission sucess however. Only maybe once or twice in the capaign is the player forced to divide their forces to conquer a larger enemy, but in skirmishes it is often a large concentrated force of units which prevails.
    The campaign missions are short and sweet with players being able to play across three factions of this universe, the UEF, Illuminate and Cybran. Each faction feels unique with their vehicles and tactics but in the end will all do the same thing i.e destroy. Although each faction feels better at something i.e The Illuminate feel better at construction while Cybran seem more bent on Destruction. In the end it all comes down to who's army is bigger and if not bigger then who has the more explody bullets.

    Overall I can say Supreme Commander 2 is a very good RTS adapted well for console use. For RTS fans it may feel too easy and for console gamers who prefer fighting games and FPS' it may feel too slow compared to COD or Mortal Kombat. But for gamers who want to try something different or who were fans of the first game i'd definitly suggest you trying this game.

  4.  Looking good so far


    From the early shots and information released about Bulletstorm most people had in their minds that it was going to be good. Now a demo has come to Xbox Live and it had mostly blown my mind. Other than some weapon and control issues, such as switiching weapons, the game lives up to its motto "Kill with Skill" With more stylish kills being rewarded with extra points e.g. a headshot is only worht 25poins, however kicking an enemy, shooting him several times and sending him into a power cable or wall spikes is worth much more, 300+. The game is not as serious a shooter as something like COD or Halo and it greatly resembles another Epic Games title, Unreal Tournament 3. There are similarities but overall Bulletstorm has taken a more fun view to killing, with players devising the more creative ways to design their own stylish kills, or course players can still simply aim for the head and reap those points, but for the more "fun loving" gamer they have definitly struck gold with the "Kill with Skill" system.
    Overall I would suggest that if you are a gamer who enjoys looking for more fun and inventive ways to kill or if you enjoy Gears of War or Unreal Tournament 3 then you should definitly pre-order this or when it comes out buy it. If this review has still left you unsure then head onto the Xbox Live Arcade and download the demo.

  5.  Very Good Game


    Being a fan of the first dead rising game it would be hard of me to put this game down. After playing the "Case Zero" DLC and now having the game itself I can see that the wait was definitly worth it for this new spectacle of Zombie killing goodness.
    The gameplay is much the same as the previous dead rising game with the core of it simply being: whatever you can find, use to kill zombies. It has undergone a major upgrade graphically from the previous game making characters and objects much more detailed, not least to mention now there can be over 7000 zombies present on the players screen at one time.
    The game also now boasts a new "combo" mechanic, whereby the player is able to combine certain weapons into all new weapons to be used against the hordes, such as the "paddle saw", two chainsaws and a kayak paddle and the "boomstick" a pitchfork with a shotgun.
    The PP system from the previous game is back allowing players to level up, however the photography mechanic is gone and instead players are rewarded for stylish kills, recusing suriviors etc.
    Co-Op online is another great new feature in which you are able to take the zombie genocide online with a friend or two and let loose with, or against them for your own delight.
    The story is the final complelling feature and paints Chuck Greene, this games protagonist, to be much more interesting than the previous Frank West. Chuck seems to have more personality and emotion than Frank "personality of a brick wall" West, and the storyline itself will keep you interested enough to deviate from zombie genocide to play through a mission every so often.
    In total its a very good game and I would reccomend it to anyone who just doesnt like dead things ruining a good casino.

  6.  A Dragonball Game EPIC


    The game is a massive improvement from Burst Limit, this one give you an actual feel for the fights, like the tenkaichi series on PS2 now its made the leap to 360 aswell and it is EPIC, granted you can't say much for the story as they are just the same old stuff with Vegeta the Frieza then Androids etc but the way its pulled off is EPIC the attacks all feel like an actual dragonball fight and the What-If stories will make you wanting more, advice for the developerws would be to leave the dragonball games now everyone knows how it goes and there isn't much more to improve on, instead develop more what-if fights in co-operation with Toriyama, stories like Bardock vs Goku in other world and Broly Killing Frieza before Goku out of lust for power etc and make the DLC.
    Overall its and EPIC game hardly any flaws controls are easy, fights are a little difficult at times when your opponant has like 20 time more health than you but that is easily overcome, Story well if you've seen dragonball you'll know how it goes. Music, if you dont like it stick your own on, it won't make much difference as you can stick subtitles on if you really wanna hear the dialogue

  7.  Glitchy but its Sonic


    The game itself might be quite old but even for the standards of 2006/7 it it very glitchy, the game feels rushed and very unfinished, there are a variety of glitches none of which are of any help to the player but often feature you falling through the map on the last section of a level if your not careful. Sonic, Shadow and Silver's stroies all mix quite well and the stroy on the whole isn't a bad one but its the gameplay on some levels which let it down, playing as Sonic yes it does feel like imporvements on games like Sonic heroes as your homing attack it far more accurate however on the times it does miss you will often find yourself falling off a cliff or other obstacles, but dont be fooled by these the game itself is actually quite easy, most enemies go down in a 1-2 hits, bosses are easily finished off with the exception of the last story solaris but some of the speed stages as sonic feel like you are controlling a shopping cart full of rocks going down a particularly steep hill.
    Overall id say this game has many flaws and was too ruched for christmas and for Sonic's anniversary but still if you are a Sonic fan it would be worthless not to have played through it at least once.
    PS. The Music is EPIC thats one of the plus points of all Sonic games Epic soundtracks and songs