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  1.  1000% Addictive!


    I can't explain how FAB this game is, although tricky sometimes, but so addictive, lost count how many nights I stayed up until the early hours trying to figure out whodunnit???!! A lengthy game that has the ability to keep you hooked right up until the end. A top class game, miles above anything else I have played!

  2.  was a "steel" for the price


    Have played better games to be honest, but I still enjoy the game, it takes me awhile to get to grips with moving about, but it's first person so that helps! a good game for the price!

  3.  Great Game- Case Closed!


    Recently started this game (last night infact) and I am hooked, I feel involved in the crimes like I am actually there, its easy to get to grips with and I look forward to getting back on it and solving my first case :) I love the tv series, so this was bound to be a winner with me and boyfriend!

  4.  This packs a punch


    Bought this a few weeks ago, as I enjoy thai boxing etc, and I have never enjoyed sweating so much in my life :) although I did spend over an hour on it and ended up very sore the next day, but I keep going back to it, if this game won't tone your arms then nothing will! excellent game! great music too :)

  5.  This game made me quit the gym!!!


    I loved the gym, until I got this game, I have since cancelled my membership, best thing I ever did. This game is excellent and has seriously made me fit and toned, I look much better in 2-3 months, than I did with going to the gym for years! I would HIGHLY recommend this game, its excellent, and alot of fun, I am on this nearly everyday :)

  6.  Super Monkey ball is SUPER!


    I thought this game was going to be way too easy, I was wrong, its quite challenging and I love it, its fun and cheerful, not to mention addictive, a great game for all ages.

  7.  FAST and fun!


    One of the best Wii games I have played so far. Its fast,furious and fun to play, me and boyfriend have spent hours competing against eachother on this, the replays of your laps are funny to watch too :)

  8.  very enjoyable and funny!


    Love this game, it's pretty easy to get to grips with, and the fights are great, I love the story line in the game! We can't beat the assasins right away which is what I like, its easy (ish) but not too easy! we are number 6 at the moment, and we WILL get to number 1, addictive game and keeps you coming back for more!

  9. Eledees


    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £9.70  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.26

     ALOT of fun


    Both my boyfriend (40) and myself (26) love this game, it's so much fun, I love these type of games and would recommend it, the eledees are so cute too :)