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  1.  wwe is back


    i really enjoyed this game the predatory system is great i hated wwe 12 and was a bit 50-50 before i bought this glad i did i can understand alot of people s complaints about the controls when you go in to the controlle setting for anyone like me that does not like to use anologue to move the superstar use controlle option B you only have the option of A and B i use B because it very similar to the 2011 version except L2 is to run and your grapples are the old school all directions and X which is better the only negative is thq do get lazy when it comes to move set of each superstar but i always change mine anyway to make it more realistic and the graphics on kane are awful looks very poor but thats it really i would also tell anyone to use randy orton to play with first he is brilliant the rko is awsome on this version but i would tell any wwe fan to buy



    not many people i see like this film me personally did but i do feel alot of people did not get it as only people know leigh francis as keith lemon and have never heard or realised he was the man behind the masks in bo selecta and that the keith lemon character first appeard in bo in the usa hence why his voice is not like he talks on celebrity juice thats more his real voice me personally like the film you can tell it was just made up in the keith lemon way still to any bo selecta fan its a buy as you see a few characters from the bo selecta days but anyone who has never seen bo select i would watch it or but them first from play so you get the idea but i still thought it was funny

  3.  liverpool fc


    great mania better than last years which was awful taker triple h was excellent very differnt from the dead mans other mania matches and could of very well been his last one unless punk taker is next year then it he will retire orton punk good match all decent matches and the great one returned if your a huge rock fan like me buy it fo that reason alone

  4.  liverpool fc


    same as the buffy box set deserves 10/10 joss wheadon did the right thing turning angel in to a series wish it had not been axed as i know there was going to be another season so you never know what happend do think they should of made a movie just to let fans know what happend did angel become human we will never know but still worth the buy and will recommend

  5.  liverpool fc


    great season not really missing payton or lucas they have more characters to fill n the gaps for them gutted we have to wait a while now for the next season especially how this one ended

  6.  liverpool fc ynwa


    great box set and series i bought this box set about six years ago when it first came out and still watching it today huge sarah michelle gellar fan recommend to anyone and still an amazing price

  7.  liverpool fc


    very good re make anything will be better than them original rubbish except for mr miyagey will smiths son has a bright future very good actor and jackie chan plays a very differnt role and plays it well its a great family and adult film must buy and watch

  8.  liverpool fc


    omg awful re make they lost the plot with this film the relationship he had with nancy he swears to much and the story of him being a child killer went out the window even though the originals did get funny in places as they went on but freddy was still very evil you dont feel that in this film very poor re make robert englund is the one and only freddy like kane hodder played jason the best his make up was very melted cheese didnt like it

  9.  liverpool fc


    great funny film mark walhberg is superb in this film plays the comic roe excellent shame the rock and jackson aint in the film to long but will and mark carry the film brilliantley well worth pre ordering

  10.  liverpool fc


    very good film very commando on some levels the reason i give it 4 stars it could have been alot better more killing but there is gore and violence to keep you entertained well worth the money and buy