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  1.  Ok in parts


    Well this is not very original ... go figure. The annoying first - one of the lead characters is unfortunately played by Elizabeth Mitchell a woman who's clearly had so much bottox and filler she can't move her face at all - can't smile or show any emotion. If you saw in her in Lost you will know what I mean. The rest of the cast is better with the exception of Tyler who is very irritating. The story itself is engaging at times and it passes the time. Re-watch the original series - low production values but retro and fun.

  2.  OK but not that great


    Found the movie a fairly average cowboys vs scifi film. Had to put the English subtitles on to understand some of what the lead character was saying.

  3.  Good in parts but can get really annoying


    This is a series that I bought without having seen any of it when it was shown at the time. I enjoyed the first three series as I found the whole idea of the setting interesting. I have to say however that by the fourth series some of the plot lines and stories were not that great. The combination of the Brenda/Billy characters just irritated and there was far too much focus on how dis-functional the whole family had become. Any humour there was in the program seemed to disappear and there was a total obsession with having kids. It all became a bit of grind to see it through to the end. Overall worth seeing but not as great as the plaudits would have you believe. (4-5 stars series 1-3; 2 stars 4&5)

  4.  Really Poor


    I'm sorry but I laugh at pretty much anything and very silly stuff (The Jerk, spoof movies etc) but this was just not very funny and not worth buying on DVD). By the way I like Gavin and Stacey so I'm not anti this pair - but I call it as a I see it.

  5.  Terrible


    I loved American Pie and other of that kind but this film was a big let down and I'm struggling to think how anyone can find this funny as even my two teens (17/15) thought it was rubbish! not worth even 4.99

  6.  Improved


    This is more than just a hard drive upgrade (which in itself makes the console worth considering over the vanilla model) but is also HDMI. I would prefer to run my 360 through HDMI than component so will be upgrading to this version (and selling my existing one).