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  1.  Once patch released, awesome!


    Well, the below reviews are correct to a degree. But the plus side is that THQ have acknowledged and will be releasing a patch very soon. So, once this is resolved, the game itself......... Excellent!!
    The various modes are improved and added to. The RTW story is better in my opinion though if im honest, a little tedious at points. The universe 2.0 is fantastic, unlockables that come with it are fun to achieve and give a little extra on top of the trophies that will pop frequently.

    Online (once fixed as mentioned) is also a big improvement and easy to d/load your fave wrestlers that are created by fellow users.

    The create modes are improved again also. The create an arena is great fun and adds to the fun if like me, you play with your buddies a lot.

    I could go on but over all, once the bugs are fixed (dont get me wrong you can still play the game happily at present too) I think WWE 12 is well worth the 5 stars ive given it. Well done developers, good job but next time sort the problems out first!!

  2.  Simply awesome


    Heartfelt, real and emotional! A wonderful way to remember both men's careers and the perfect end to the real life feud between the two greatest in ring superstars of the past 20 years. The best WWE DVD ever. Buy it, you will not be disappointed!

  3.  Wonderful!


    Similar to another posters review, I watched this with my wife and 5 year old daughter. We are all Disney mad, love visiting Florida and are generally big kids!
    The film is beautiful on the eye, wonderful score and great version of the old story.
    The two main animal characters are very endearing, particularly the chameleon.

    If you are a Disney fan then you will love this, but even if you are not! We all loved it and is a wonderful way to reach the 50th animated film. Order it now, you won't be disappointed.

  4.  Pure magic!


    This is, I think, my favourite Disney film. It makes me smile all the way through, wonderful score and all the characters are loveable. A perfect family film with a lovely moral story. As for the Blu ray picture quality, perfection!! You'd think it was made in 2010. Very pleased to add this Disney Blu Ray to my collection.

  5.  Wonderful


    Watched this with my wife and 3 year old whilst in the Disney World resort, the perfect setting. The film is colourful, great music, lovely re-telling of the classic story. Nice to see the old style animation too, as good as CGI is, nice to see Disney old style.

  6.  Wonderful!


    I went to see this on Friday (3/7/09), the show is spectacular and the singing was spot on, was pleasantly suprised by Jasons numbers, wasn't sure how strong his voice would be, but he commanded the stage, could see him as a single star one day.
    The show and set was amazing and so worth the money and FIVE hours in traffic to get there!
    Only disappointment was Mark not singing 'Julie', I love the track from the album and couldnt beleive it wasnt belted out. But anyway, I digress, Buy this Blu ray and watch the circus and see for yourself, everybody loves the circus show!!

  7.  Superb!


    I have no clue which film the reviewer saw who posted the one star, but it certainly wasn't this fim.
    It has everything you need in a film, let alone the fact its a Terminator flick! It ties up a lot of loose ends, there are a few that still need answering, but hopefully they will come in no.5.

    Love love loved it, perfect way to start the franchise off again, when the next film comes, I'll be back!

  8.  Superb


    Don't listen to the nay sayers, this isn't SVR so yes the controls are different, and are meant to be for a purpose, RETRO!!

    I personally find the single player games far more interesting than on SVR, hitting spots in matches from classic Wrestlemania moments etc is a great idea. Plus the juicy carrot of trophies for your efforts, its a must buy for any Wrestling fan.

    The demo was ok as a taster but really didn't give any insight in to the depth of things to do.
    at £29.99 you can't complain, buy it and see for yourselves!
    Oh, and if you are a new fan and only know the current roster, you can transfer them over to this game!!

    Only possible draw back is the lack of triple threat matches, but thats a personal niggle as I play with a bunch of mates. Rock on!

  9.  Transformers, robots in disguise!


    Wowzer!! This film totally lives up to the hype. Superb effects, action and story. My partner and I absolutely loved Transformers and can't wait for the sequal. If you haven't yet seen this for some bizzare reason, then treat yourself to this Blu Ray and prepare to be amazed!

  10.  Hillarious!


    Me and my better half went to see this film, we both love all the main stars and hoped it would live up to the billing, it did!! Robert downey jr was superb and very funny, stiller is always on the ball and jack black was crazy. Loved it and will be buying as soon as its released!! Dont listen to the nay sayers, this film is awesome!