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  1.  Very well made


    This is a class item. Worth double the price I paid.

    The "print" on the item is embedded within the ceramic so it cannot be scratched off or damaged in any way. The lid fits perfectly - no gaps or loose fit.

    I have never put this in a dishwasher - so cannot comment there.

    I wouldn't really call it a "mug" though - we use it for storing teabags! Looks very classy, and expensive if that floats your boat.

  2.  Very easy to use for a beginner like me!


    Because of the position of the router in my house, it means that our living room is always suffering from lack of decent internet reception

    When we bought ourselves some security cams, the WiFi wouldn't stretch to give us access to control the cam in the living room

    Thes little powerline adaptors really were plug and play. I struggle with the most basic of things, and these weren' hard to set up

    Plug one ethernet in the router, and in to TPLink plug 1, and plug it into a wall socket OR extension socket.

    Plug the other in the other room wall (or extention - tried 3 ways - wall to wall, wall to extension, extension to extension, and all equally good) and ethernet it to your device (tried it on the security cam, a laptop and my Xbox360). Press the little button on one of the homeplugs, and within 2 mins, press the same button on the other plug (to sync them) and you're off and running!

    Perfect speeds as if I was plugged into the router directly.

    Amazing for the price. Highly recommended.

  3.  Why get anything else? Perfect!


    Microphone quality: 5/5 - Excellent. Tested on Skype, Teamspeak and Ventrilo. 100% of people from Belgium, Sweden, UK, Scotland, France, Norway and Denmark all said that my voice was crystal clear. No feedback, no echoes etc.

    Sound quality: 4.9/5 - excellent. On every program tested, I could hear every voice as if they were on a very very clear phone line to me. On 1 instance out of 20 there was VERY slight fuzziness far in the background, but on testing we're pretty sure that was the network and not the earpiece.

    Fit: 4.5/5 - Very Good. I personally hate in-the-ear headphones, so was wary about this. Wearing it for 1 hour however, there was no pain. Note you DON'T need to shove this into your ear canal, so there shouldn't be any issue. It rests on your ear, and you rotate the plastic hook so that that rests on your ear. IF this was for "out and about" as a bluetooth headset, it wouldn't be perfect - however this is not for on the go, it's to be used on a PC or Laptop. Not once did I have to readjust or move it.

    Build: 4.5/5 - Very Good. I am a little worried about the earhook, but, it IS very solid, and if it does break, it will be my fault it broke.

    Price: 5/5 - Excellent. I would easily pay up to 15pounds for this. I am actually buying another one for my wife.

    Definite Purchase.

    NB: The poor reviews below seem to stem from personal errors that caused damage to the product. Personally I don't see this as a reason to criticise. If I buy a car and drive it into a tree, it doesn't make the car a bad one.

  4.  Comfy!


    Nicely fitted in all the right places, but comfortable to move, run, and baggy enough to be comfortable without looking ridiculous!

    Comes with the belt as well in case anyone was wondering.
    The logo on the back pocket is embossed. The picture is a perfect representation.

    12.99 is a bargain!

  5.  A safe purchase!


    I wanted a set of speakers to go with my Zen Vision M in case I couldn't plug it directly into a television somewhere in the world and would then be left with sharing headphones.

    I bought these from Play when they were on offer - but I would still pay the 50 pounds for these. The sound is very good and encompassing.

    However - you will have to regulate the volume between your player and the speakers, as maxing them both out causes the speakers to "not like" bass or any heavy sound - distortion and the like.
    Not good for cars travelling on the motorway or anything else with a HIGH level of background noise - but all in all well worth 30 pounds, and probably worth a look in at 50.

  6.  Suprisingly Worthwhile


    Let's start by reminding you of the price. You aren't going to be getting something the Doctor, let alone a professional handyman would use!

    This IS decent though. Solid build and 5 different tool heads. Works well and looks the part. Some people have mentioned a bad paint job - but mine looks fine.

    It's a bit of fun, that actually has a purpose and can be used.

    Why is it losing a star? Well......... The sonic screwdriver sound is pretty bad to be honest!

  7.  It has geek appeal!


    It's a perfectly formed little stress toy!
    The "skin" moves slightly over the internal stress toy material - so it's not as "satisfying" as a stress ball - but hey - this comes with a cool novelty appeal!

    Also, weirdly, the little white mark you can see on the Adipose mouth in the picture ISN'T a misprint or an error. I have it in the same place on the actual item.

  8.  Makes you move!


    Bizarrely this works.

    My wife and I used this every day for about 6 months, vying with each other for most steps taken, and other minigames in the pack.

    It becomes habit after a while to have the monitor on you at all times. I STILL have it on me now, although I check my steps weekly rather than daily.

    The monitors have a light on them which flashes red if you have not reached the target you have set yourself, and green if you do. If it's red, you do feel like taking a quick walk to "get green".

    Nice purchase. Even made me realise that one of the offices I work at gives me 2000 more steps a day without even trying!

  9.  Perfect


    This almost seems like a personally fitted jacket. It's great quality, with a nice red/burgundy inside. Very comfortable and a good balance of smart and casual.
    This is not cheaply made in any way if your fears are the same as mine!
    You won't find better for this price.
    I have a Medium for a close - but not tight - fit.

  10.  Excellent Value


    For the price, I was expecting something reasonably cheap to tide me over until I could be bothered to fork out on a "proper" keyboard.

    How wrong I was. This is a sturdy beast, and one that feels good while typing on. The keys have just the right amount of resistance, and the extra buttons are useful (although underused in my household).

    I use this for word processing and for gaming - and I can tell you now it does well on both fronts.

    The only weird thing is there is an irregular layout for the "insert", "home", "end" etc buttons. Horizontal rather than Vertical. The picture shows this if you look carefully. I got used to this pretty fast though.

    A very good purchase.