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  1.  A Refreshing Reboot


    Well for starters I'm certainly impressed with how varied, but still faithful the story in this game was to the original. It follows the basic concept but with a few changes here or there that certainly had a little bit of wow factor.

    The MI6 Ops mode is also a great addition to the game, though it'd be nice to see just a little more in that division, instead of the same 3 or 4 types of mission. Perhaps a split-screen variant for co-op players to run through?

    My disappointment with the game is the multiplayer/split-screen. Online is great, though it's a shame that the split-screen element with AI players has not been added, as is with the original N64 game. That would have been great.

    I have to say I was a little let down by the fact that the satellite level (the cradle) is not part of the game, though that was changed in the story entirely.

    Anyways, great play and worth the money! Though the campaign could have been stretched a little more...

  2.  Creepy Horror


    The one thing I love most about horror-based films is that they leave you scared afterwards. What I love about sci-fi's and thrillers is that they make you think after the film too.

    Fourth Kind is great because it's a combination of all three, and it leaves you feeling freaked out afterwards.

    Milla Jovovich, as usual, pulls off an amazing performance, with a good supporting cast. Wether or not the 'footage' is real or not doesn't alter the quality of this movie, it's actors and their performances, and it's overall effect.

    A definite must buy!