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  1.  Must Read


    This was the first Batman Book I had an ever read after wanting to get into Batman more after the two Nolan movies and all I can say is wow the story is great trying to prove how anybpdy can go mad after one bad day

    It's short in length but the quality of the book is outstanding and has helped turn me into a comic geek

  2.  Fantastic


    Dead Space 2 is somehow better than the original, the weapons seem beefier and the necromorphs harder than ever the game is simply great

  3.  Overrated


    I got this game after all the great reviews and I admit I have played better action games. The bosses are ok however the final boss I felt was a bit too simple.

    The combat can be repetitive and limited.

    The story was average and graphically there are better games.

  4.  Brilliant


    This is perhaps my favourite game on PS3 beating UFC, MGS 4 & GTA.

    The graphics are amazing this was the first game I played whn I brought my PS3 and I played it without a HDMI and my jaw hit the floor the graphcs were amazing, plugged in a HDMI cable and al I can say is wow.

    The gameplay itself is fantastic it's not too hard at first but gradually gets harder but each race and each course (including the downloadable ones) is a pleasure to play.

    Just buy it honestly it's just great

  5.  Very Boring


    The game is so boring, the graphics are not PS3 quality, the gameplay is repetitive and is not even long enough.

    Don't waste your money even if you are an x-men fan it's just not worth it

  6. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.98



    This game is simply fantastic. The agme is genuinley one of thesse must have games, the story is fantastic the gameplay is out of this world and the graphics (especially the water) are phenomenal.

  7.  Awful


    I was a big fan of family guy, have all the dvd's and then watched this 2 funny episodes the others were so poor, they've ran out of ideas. Wish I never wasted my time watching it.

  8.  Dark Rubbish


    When I went to the cinema to see this I thought I had wasted my money, wth so much hype around this film failed and was just poor. Would not want to ever watch it again.

  9.  Awful Album


    I thought this album would have been a lot better nstead they shouldn't have bothered releasing t. It sounds cheap and awful with all the hype surrounding it, it failed and would not bother listening to it again

  10. Sega Rally

    Sega Rally

    Playstation Portable

    3 New from  £10.81  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.73

     Just not very good


    This game is not as good as I hoped it would be, the graphics are fine, it's just the actual game play that lets it down, the control are poor and the races slow and dull with nothing really happening which is not what a good rally game should be about.

    The tracks are samey and have no character to them nor due they feel like the road surface differs whether it's snow or desert it feels the same.