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  1.  It plays the lot!


    I think reviews should consist of what the description doesn't tell you as well as your opinion. This device plays MKV (H264), MP4, DivX, DivX HD, WMV HD, in fact I haven't came across any media it doesn't play no matter the size and audio encoding. It plays media from USB pen drives as well as my 1TB USB powered external drive (formatted to FAT32). Subtitles are supported by first selecting the sub flle then playing the movie or it will play embedded (hard coded) subs. Multiple audio tracks are no problem on downloaded files, just use the pop up menu to select the track. Updates are done through your network or downloaded to a CDR. There are a few options on screen modes like user, movie, vivid etc. You can select to stretch the screen to elimiate black bars. Outputs are HDMI Composite audio and Optical. I use the audio out for my cinema system even though I'm using HDMI for viewing, I just turn the TV sound down. I need to upgrade to a cinema system with optical or HDMI input. I've had no problems with any DVDR discs so far and for multiple content its easy. If you select 'Movie' it will only display movies on the disc and the same for pictures and audio. Network setup is automatic but there's a manual option for nerds :) Playback is amazing, the quality of Blu Ray is pin sharp whether its original or a digital download. Even 720p files look great as well as upscaled DVD movies. The remote will control LG TV's input, volume, mute, power and channel selection. The Simplink function will switch LG TV's to the Blu Ray channel when a disc is inserted. The player is quiet in operation and boots up relatively quickly, about 7 sec. If left alone with nothing playing it goes into screensaver mode. If you stop a movie but don't turn the machine off it will remember where you were. Sometimes it doesnt read my external drive if its already plugged in when powering up but pulling out the cable and re-inserting it fixes this. There's been no issues with movies freezing or crashing from any external device but I'd reccommend a good brand just to be on the safe side. Mines is Verbatim and my USB stick is Sandisk.

    I'm very happy with my purchase and it's well worth more than the current price considering the features and compatability of various medis types. You can't go wrong buying this.

  2.  Problems? Fix your firmware.


    If you get problems with discs you have used before, first thing to do is make sure your hardware & software burner is functioning properly. If it is then you might need to upgrade your firmware as disc manufacturers sometimes change the dye used. If you're not sure how to do it, Google your drive make & model and the word "firmware". This will lead you to help or the manufacturers website. Ironically, you will have to burn the firmware to a disc if its for a DVD recorder so use a disc that you know will work. For a PC drive just download the software and run it. There's no point in missing a bargain on discs because your drive needs updated.

  3.  Excellent Blu ray beater, Amazing machine.


    The review by Hawkins85 doesn't reflect this player at all. It appears he doesn't realise he bought a dud! These things happen and there are ALWAYS people who knock the product as a whole brand and not just the one they have. He mentions a slow boot up time. This is standard as it has to boot and run software like a computer. It even says in the manual that the boot time will be much longer than a standard DVD player. If you wan't a machine that takes ages to boot, slow to user commands and frequent crashes then buy a Sony BD player.
    I've had my HD DVD player for months now and have yet to find a problem with it. It performs flawlessly with any disc, standard or HD and is very easy to upgrage software via ethernet connection, not like the Sony models who don't even come close in features and stability. I'm actually surprise that Blu ray won the war because it didn't win because of its user friendliness or its features. It won because its much more expensive so in the long run, Sony & the movie companies will have you pay more because of the pirates. I believe this was a collaboration between Sony and the said movie companies to pull together to make sure Blu ray won. In other words, all you who bought a Blu ray were forced.
    The HD-EP30 is an excellent performer in every way over the Sony Blu ray players and have better HDCP compatability as well. Toshiba have informed me that producton of HD DVD movies will continue even though the players are no longer produced. NOW is the time to grab a bargain FULL HD player and get some less expensive movies than Blu ray and start your HD collection. Either that or you can get robbed buying a Blu ray inferior product which was FORCED on you by Sony and the movie companies. Bad luck to Toshiba who actually invented HD and lost out to the bigger companies who banded together and stole their glory. I'm going to stock up on HD movies and will never buy a Blu ray item for the sole reason it was forced on us and didn't win by the consumers popularity choice. You have to ask the question, Why did the less expensive but highly superior brand lose out? Was it because we are stupid people and like to throw our money away? Think about it. Sony have you in their pockets.

  4.  No probs with these discs.


    The problems with media are not always related to the media itself but the writer you are using them in. Look at the two previous reviews, one perfect the other the exact opposite. Tansydog claimed to have had 20 coasters from 25 discs. He also showed knowledge of the dye used and the unstability at higher writing speeds. If I knew this information I would not have had 20 coasters. Firstly I would have checked to see if there was a firmware update for my writer for this dye and at the very least I would have lowered the writing speed especially if I knew this would help. If all that failed after a few burns I would have sent the discs back for replacememt. I have seen many complaints about discs over the years, discs that I have used and have been flawless. Some people think if they get coasters that its ALWAYS the discs at fault. Maybe your hard drive is full, maybe you need to defrag, maybe you don't have enough memory, maybe your processor is not powerful enough. Some writers let you write at a speed higher than the rated speed on the disc, this can lead to problems. The other factors in getting problems I mentioned can usually be helped by reducing your writing speed. Writing at a high speed can cause coasters if your hard drive is performing slow or if you have other processes running at the same time. Before you do what tansydog did (waste 20 discs) lower your writing speed and read up on what you can do to avoid problems and keep your computer in top shape.