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    Believe the hype. Utterly lifechanging in its scope and intelligence. Film of the year? Case closed. I adored it,

  2.  Fassbender should have won the oscar!


    I went to the cinema to watch this because I think that Michael Fassbender is the real deal. I have not seen any actor command the screen in the way that he does in this for years. Gritty? Yes. Uncomfortable viewing? Oh by God yes. For me the two main characters were so clearly abused as children and hence their dislocated lack of the ability to form any meaningful relationships. Both Fassbender and Carey Mulligan excel in a deliberate and totally believable take on addiction and all of the fallout that goes with it. Awesome film.

  3.  Incredible Film - Leaves a lasting Impression


    I have always rated Paddy Considine very highly as an actor. On this evidence he is a top notch director too. Low budget with a gargantuan emotional intelligence. Some awesome performances with Olivia Colman giving the best turn as a leading female over the last year. Case closed. It is sensitive, gritty and unforgettable. I cannot recommend this tour de force highly enough!

  4.  Masterful - A Contender For Album of The Year


    I got this after reading the reviews, which were very positive. By goodness I can see why. Great melodies, mood and poise from the Mystery Jets bass player. I loved it straight away. I have not bought a better album all year ( 210 bought at last count) - I cannot recommend this highly enough!

  5.  Exceptional Debut


    There are so many reference points for this. Is has a glorious innocence and effortless melodies. If you appreciate tunes, aching vocals and more than a hint of the obligatory sadness then you will lap this up. In a world of fake talent show corporate cap doffers this needs to be listened to. Buy it!

  6.  Best Band of The Last 20 Years - No Question


    If you need a band that exudes need, intelligence, slogans and tunes to nail your hat on then this is the band. I buy music like most people buy cans of Coke and I am not ashamed to admit that this band have changed the game for me. You may already have the tracks ( I have) but as a package to soundtrack a journey none come better. Exceptional live. Engaging and feisty when interviewed. Unashamed in their intelligence lyrically and sonically. The Manics need to be heard! Motorcycle Emptiness epitomises the alienation that I have experienced so poignantly and so sells this collection on its own.

  7.  Finest Stand Up Comic Ever - FACT!


    A great package to introduce you to the rib crackingly funny genius poet William Melvin Hicks. Savage, brutal, frighteningly intelligent and ALWAYS hilarious. Bill was so much more than a stand up comic - he was a hopeless romantic and the closest thing to genius that comedy has experienced. McIntyre is a bee sting, Hicks was Everest.

  8.  Truly Awesome - We NEED this band like never before!


    A seismic shift from the last album which I thought was great. This has gargantuan melodies and never has JDB harnessed so much aching sweetness in his titanic lunged vocal delivery style. He is not afraid to let rip with the odd guitar solo too. Highlights? The title track and lead single (It's Not War) Just the End of Love, as well as the keening guitar intro to Hazelton Avenue. The hymn of tearjerking heartbreak and THE track of the year, not to mention album highlight is Golden Platitudes. A supremely articulate and bitter observation on feeling let down by ones political false prophets. I wept like a baby when I first heard it - so poignant! Maybe this album will win over few new fans but there is much to adore here if you are a disciple. I cannot wait to see them live in a fortnight!

  9.  A Must See!


    A flawlessly exceptional cinematic masterpiece. Lights years ahead of most films. On a par with Fish Tank as my best film of the last year. Hollywood are planning a remake? They will ritually destroy the magic if they do. How sad!

  10.  Howled With Laughter!


    I have read all of his books and every one is a sure fire winner! If you read this on public transport please be ready for some funny looks as you will rupture your spleen laughing! The characters are anti-heroes and as politically incorrect as they come. Alfie the dog and "Ooh Yah" his handler are legends! Bring on his next book!