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  1.  Whats Next?


    Its easy to compare this game to that game and so forth.. my major worry is where do infinity Ward and Treyarch go from here??

    This is the first time i have felt like i have done most of these missions before in previous titles, yes ok throw a helicopter mission in and the odd bike ride here and for me its the only real change from previous games...

    How many more games can these two companies make with darkened corridors and worn out buildings with the predictable usual twists and turns?... im guessing now they must be running out of ideas!

    I was kinda really excited when i started one level and got into a Stealth bomber... however that soon became a cut scene, and that part of the game was over - let down!

    I did like this game alot however, something different to MW2, nice new maps on multiplayer (although some are tiny, you spawn you die within seconds) .. but if you are new to treyarch and Infinity ward do yourself a favour and buy Modern Warfare 4 - now that truly is an exceptional game, for quarter of the price too!

  2.  Great Fun...


    I was really looking forward to the release of this and after playing it i wasn't disappointed - however, there are a few complaints all be it small ones, There isn't a part in the game where you get to drive the Batmobile and the game itself is a bit short..

    On the plus side, the graphics are great, the fighting play is nice, the story is good and the characters are perfect especially the joker, am on the second play through now, and am still really enjoying it... shame there is no online play!

    all in all, well worth the time and money

  3.  Class


    If you have a Xbox and you have £9, then this needs to go in the basket immediately...

    Its slow to get going but once it does, its absolutely fantastic... at this price a must buy for anyone and everyone, i cant wiat for the second installment in October ( i think) .

  4.  Waste of Money


    Snooker is the one sport i love and am good at, but this just lets me down... for many reasons, when you start and have limited skill using any form of power will leave the ball jawed, then you watch as the oppostion clears the table.
    Then you have what can only be described as appalling commentary - Virgo says my shot is marvelous which is quickly overturned by another commentator as rubbish.... is the shot bad or good?
    I found the best way to play this game is remove all sound, and listen to your own music.
    The pool function is far better than the snooker function, the graphics are sharper and the play is smoother, however where there is a plus there is a minus, as they have some awful woman commentator, who will shout 'Happy Days, hes got position'

    Unfortunately, i paid full price for this, i would wait until its £15, you might currently find it a tad overpriced for what it is!!

    If your a snookering fan, take yourself off to the local snooker centre and play that instead..

    Overall, i was very let down by this.... and could pick loads more problems and poor bits but shan't bore you with them all

  5.  Exceptional!!


    I got involved really with the Enemy because they are supporting Oasis in concert and i have tickets, so i figured i'd give there Cd a go.... im now looking forward to them as much as Oasis, brilliantly done.

    For £9 its a bargain, great work and a cd im gonna have playing time and time again!!

  6.  Better than Sliced Bread


    I haven't been a gamer for too long, and in truth i only have about 4 games, so i cant compare this to too much, however, i have purchased World at War, and comparing them both together there is only one winner, especially in the Campaign mode, and that is well this!!!
    The Sniper mission alone should be enough for you to buy this, as missions go, thats the best gameplay experience/mission ever
    5 out of 5 for me!! - Brilliant

  7.  Fantastic - ruined my social life!


    I have wasted some money on computer games in my time, but this one i cannot fault, yeah ok the campaign might not be as good as COD4, however i just cannot put this down, the online play is fantastic, the sound is tremendous, and the overall quality flawless... i have got so involved in this it has caused me to cancel some social events!!...its a must buy!