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  1.  Decent game, but don't forget Metroid


    So this isn't the best FPS ever, yes it had a lot of hype and it was supposed to fill that fps 'gap' that the Wii supposedly has... Thats the point I want to make, this game was a little dissapointing but there is at least one other game that has already been out for a little while which blows most other FPS (even on next gen consoles) out of the water, for sheer quality of gameplay and attention to detail.

    I am of course reffering to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

    I am a hardcore fps fan, having run CS and CSS clans, been members of TF and DOD clans and played through: original doom through quake 4 and all the half life games + expansions and UT through to UT2k4 and BF1942 through BF2, ET:Quake Wars, Crysis, basically if there is a decent FPS out there I've played it through.

    The point being, I know The Conduit isn't the best FPS out there, but it's still decent, the graphics aren't as good as they could be (see Metroid Prime 3) but they are decent and the multiplayer is a hell of a lot of fun even if the single player is slightly lacking. That all being said, the Wii is not hopeless for hardcore gamers, you want some really decent FPS-style gaming on the Wii? See Metroid Prime 3.