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  1.  Not bad.


    If your a comic book fan of this character then your not really going to like much of this film, I barely know much of Ghost Rider so I went in open minded. Cage provides his normal ham-fisted acting skills. But the CGI does look fantastic on blu-ray, the story is generic devil, demon stuff but its quite entertaining.

  2.  Utterly fantastic.


    I've been a comic fan/collector for about 6years, but up until hearing about an Iron-Man film coming out, have really not read much of Mr Starks vast body of work.
    Watching this film was like the comic come-to-life Downy Jr is a PERFECT Stark. The suit looks incredible the CG work is unbelievable and at times its hard to tell whats real and whats not.
    Perfect action/comic film for all the family. Bring on Iron Man 2 :D

  3.  Awesome reboot!


    Never really been a Star Trek fan, didn't catch much of any the TV shows or previous films.
    This film is choc-a-block with action that at times is overwhelming ... in a good way.
    The cgi is brilliant. The new take on old characters is very good.
    Can't wait for more.
    Also why is this labeled as "Star Trek XI" when its the start of a NEW series!?

  4.  Perfect Punisher at last.


    Yes the writing in corny and sometimes cheesy.
    Yes the violence is over the top.
    But you know what, I DON'T CARE.
    This is THE Frank Castle I've come to know and love from the Max comic lines.
    The only downside I can think of is that it is a rather short film, 2hours would have done me, to help flesh out some characters and stories a little more.
    This is a perfect 80's style action film. One certainly for the boys :D

  5.  Avoid if a fan of the comics!


    This is not the Wolverine that you read in the comics, this is a neutered version for families to enjoy.

    Jackman as ever is good as Wolverine, just a shame the script and effects don't match up to the effort he made for the film, he is in the best shape ever and fits the look of Wolvie perfectly.

    If you know the comic origins of Wolverine then wipe your mind of that for a start, this film sticks it to so loosely it might as well not bother.

    The cast are ok at best, nothing stands out as brilliant nor poor.

    The use of Deadpool is an utter slap in the face of comic fans.

    The cgi is poor, the actions scenes are nothing special.

    For a 'killing machine' that he has been in the past, right now I'd expect Wolverine to be staring in a re-make of Kindergarten Cop!!