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  1.  Controversial


    The Woodsman is a brave attempt at probably the most controversial subject - paedophilia. Kevin Bacon delivers the role as Walter in a touching, honest way as a convicted paedophile trying to start his life over within society. With a new job and regular psychiatrist visits we are able to witness and maybe, dare i say, empathise with a man who hates the way he is made . We see how it affects his families views towards him and as his dark secret starts to leak out we observe harsh judgement against him, his colleagues completely unaware its something he would give anything to change. Kyra Sedgwick ( Bacons wife in real life) brings us a commendable potrayal of Walters love interest. Another incredibly difficult role which she delivers well.
    Sensitive, controversal, brutal but a must watch for all in society as we are all touched in some way by this awful, sad truth.

  2.  Realistic love


    Blue Valentine gives us a realistic potrait of transient love. A true to life , bitter sweet story of love found and love lost. Set in present day, with flashbacks to their courtship, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are perfectly cast in their roles as dean and cindy. Witness both of them falling in love and then the inevitable break down of communication due to time, busy lives and other unfathomable reasons that remain a mystery to us all. If you are looking for a romantic love film such as the notebook - this is not it, however - what it does do is deliver to us a much more realistic love story that most of us, however painful, would still be lucky to encounter. A must watch but you won't be skipping for joy at the credits!

  3.  Nicely crafted


    If you want a fast paced, swash buckling action movie then this is not your bag, however ,in pure coppola style brings us another lost in translation with a slant. I happen to think the slow pace delivers her intentions perfectly - A movie star who what appears to most as having it all ..and at the beginning probably believes he does too. His life then gradually unravels to reveal the emptiness after having too much time to think healing a broken wrist. The film then gently takes us on a journey of him discovering a new way of living whilst getting to know his daughter in a new light. The cinematography is basic and to the point, it is not meant to be glamourous but delivers perfectly - If you are patient and trust Coppola. A must watch for anyone who appreciated Lost in translation.