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  1.  Steal for this kind of money.


    Picked this game up for 3.50 delivered, I'm a sucker for a bargan and don't like dropping 30 quid on newer games. Got this up and running on windows 7. If you are using an i7 3820 like me you will have to
    1.Go to folder Dirt then system then open hardware settings restrictions.xml
    2. Find workerMap8Core.xml change it to workerMap4Core.xml. Save this file and run the game.

    This will stop it crashing back to desktop when you try to start a game.

    I'm using an ATI 7970 and this runs fine good level of graphics even for an older game. Good video options menu can select 1920x1080 at 16:9res and other combos

    As for the game. Its a well polished and realistic rally sim. It gives you the chance to race locations all over the world in different disciplines Off road, tarmac, 4x4 etc. There are 5 difficulty settings meaning you can pick it up for a quick light hearted blat or get all serious and race some competition. Loads of fun to be had and i'm very happy with my purchase especially considering what I paid including delivered.

  2.  Cheap and cheerful


    Bought these as they were cheap and that is just what they are. I didn't have any problems installing the protector without any air bubbles as have had quite a few of these in the past and now a bit of a dab hand.
    As long as you clean the screen with the cloth supplied and then let it sit onto it not pressing it down. Then push the bubbles to the edge.

    My issue with these is this: after about a day or two the adhesive gives up the go and the edges of the screen start to come unstuck and eventually its just too annoying and need replacing.

    The other kind I bought lasted for about 6 months. Although a little more expensive.

  3.  Great value for money


    This protein powder is about the cheapest you can buy for the content given that it contain whey isolate. Value for money its amazing! If you are serious about nutrition and a clean muscle building energy source this is certainly a good choice.

    Word of warning and the reason I have only scored it 4 stars, this stuff really isn't the most palatable. I'm a completely unfussy eater but this really is a flavour that I really can't compare to any thing else I have ever eaten. Its like a chalky mildly bitter tasteless chocolate if that makes any sense.

    A good trick to get round this tho, mix it with some skimmed milk and it becomes almost like yazoo. If you going to mix it with water in a glass put a little water in the bottom first add the protein then mix with fork slowly adding water after each mix. This is the best way to get a smooth shake without a mixer/blender i found.

  4.  Good Value Bad Taste


    Ordered this 908g bag as a tester to see what the product was like and thought I would write a review to help others.

    Missing Nutritional information which is an important factor in deciding which whey you are after:

    Per 30g when mixed with water:
    Energy: 121kcal / 505kJ
    Protein: 21.3g
    Carbohydrates: 4.7g
    of which sugars: 4.1g
    Fat: 1.9g
    of which saturates: 1.7g
    Fibre: 0.1g
    Sodium: 0g

    Per 100g when mixed with water:
    Energ: 402kcal / 1682kJ
    Protein: 71.1g
    Carbohydrates: 15.5g
    of which sugars: 13.8g
    Fat: 6.2g
    of which saturates: 5.5g
    Fibre: 0.2g
    Sodium: 0.1g

    Whey Protein Matrix (Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate), Glutamine Peptides, Stabiliser (soy, Xanthan Gum), Natural and Artificial Flavourings, Natural Colourings, Sweetener (Sucralose).

    I tried this mixed with skimmed milk. The shake turned out very thick. Mixability wasnt very good took a while to blend it and even then had a few lumps. In terms of flavour this is extremely sickly sweet not to my taste. The powder smells like cheap chocolate. I wouldnt drink this for the taste but it does have a good level of protein in it and thats what its about and at 13.20 / kilo (based on 11.99 / 908g) this is a cost effective method of getting that much needed protein in your diet.

    Overall scores:
    Protein Content 3/5
    Mixability 2/5
    Taste 2/5
    Price 4/5

    Overall 2.5 Stars

  5.  Cool


    Just what i needed to add a little bit of sparkle to my av kit. The remote is great too you can turn the lights on and off without having to faf with the plugs definitely worth the extra. With regards to the lights they glow a really alluring blue colour and are pretty bright. Im probably going to get another set as you can run four strips off the one mains adaptor so ill get some without a remote. Powerbar seller is great too, speedy delivery.

  6.  Not the best HD i ever bought.....


    Im not going to comment on the delivery time as these reviews are meant for the actual functioning of the product which Im not exactly pleased about. After having recieved the item plugged it all in, turned it on. Windows detected the drive it worked just about (sometimes refusing to turn on and boot or giving random beeps) for about a week then failed completely. I would like to think that this is an isolated incident as samsung are not exactly a small company. This is cheap money for a 1.5TB drive and i got what i paid for. It makes it even worse that this is obviously intended as a backup device or for transferring data and it has failed within a week of being recieved. In my oppinion and experience a poor product, one to be avoided.

  7.  Good but not perfect


    I really like these and was please with how they look. They light up my 12x12 room pretty well. They are only mood lighting but they do give off a fair amount of light. I cant give them 5 stars and here are the two reasons why:

    They have no kind of control on the color or changing of. I would have loved to have the option of setting them to 1 colour. The changing is too fast in my opinion sometimes i would have prefered a more gradual change. They fully change color every 3-5 seconds.

    My 2nd reason is that the switch to turn them on and off is on the bottom of the eggs meaning that if they are on the charging station you have to pick each on up individually and click across the fidly switch. Would have been nicer to have one large switch/button on the charge station to turn them on/off but still charge them when they are in it. A better switch or button on the eggs would have been nice or even some thing more gimiky like shaking them to turn them on/off.

    Overall a good product. They are great to liven up white walls or just add a touch of light to a funky room.

  8.  Can't Fault Them


    I bought these about a month back, they turned up pretty quick. They have a loop on them so you can attach them to a key chain or similar. The cap also clips on the back to save losing it when they are in use. They got a red indicator light to show data transfers. In terms of transfer speeds i get in excess of 10Mbps on write and about 15-20Mbps on read. This is using USB2.0, I got one in my PC for using ReadyBoost on Vista and this does give a notable performance increase. I use the other for playing tunes on my USB Stereo in my car. Overall a good product, does exactly what it says on the tin.



    I recently got these, most comfortable pair of shorts I ever bought. The 9.99 price tag makes it a steal. You would be insane not to grab yourself a bargan!!! I would rate them higher than 5 stars, well chuffed.

  10.  Great Hoody


    Recieved item today with usual quick and speedy delivery from Play. Its of a great quality and really comfortable thick material. Just worth noting tho that in the picture it appears to be black but is it actually a little lighter in colour as the charcole listing implies. For 25 beans its a good buy, i dont think you could be dissapointed with it.