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  1.  Need for Speed back at the top?


    The NfS series has made a tumble the last few years, but is back in the upper regions of arcade racing. Well... arcade racing with a bit of a twist: Shift is not a tech-tweak-and-sim-game, but some strategy is needed to complete the courses. And to be completely honest, it's just the flavour I like. It's arcade enough to have fun and play it with your friends, but not too simple that every idiot can play it with his eyes shut.

    Is this the best NfS ever? No, it sometimes has it's flaws in handling the car and loading times are a bit long, but it is absolute a great game to play!

  2.  Best Layton game (so far...)


    I was taken by surprise, playing the first adventure 'Professor Layton and the Curious Village'. It combined superb gameplay, minigames and puzzles and packed it suprizingly good in a detective like whodunnit story.
    This second game uses the same principles but integrates the puzzles in a better way in the storytelling. Some puzzles are more complicated, but hey: it's always good to have a learning curve in the series. Also this is a great game to play with someone else, as I learned playing it yogether with my wife!

  3.  Tim Schafer did it again!


    As a kid I totally loved the Monkey Island series. The humour in these games was unlike anything I've ever encountered in a computer game. That is, until I've met Eddie Riggs, a roadie and the hero in the Metal world of Brutal Legend.
    Perhaps not the most fancy graphics or the best gameplay ever, but this game is pure Fun (yes, with a capital F).

    Tim Schafer, dude, you rock!

  4.  Top notch entertainment value!


    Thanks Play.com and NaughtyDog for this first tasty bite of Nathan's new adventure!
    Although I'm a sceptic online player, I truly enjoy playing this Beta Multiplayer. Despite the (sometimes) long time the system spends to start up and locate players, it worth the wait. Even this beta version breaths the cool atmosphere and sublime gameplay of the first Uncharted game. Even the Dutch voiceacting is included in this sneak preview!

    Even with a multiplayer to shorten the wait for the complete Uncharted2 game, I becomes almost a torture the count the remaining days till October...