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  1.  Matt Smith is brilliant


    Can't believe somebody says Matt Smith is a terrible actor! Unbelievable...not saying DT wasnt but Smith just plays a different Doctor.

    If you watch anything else he is in he is also excellent. He is already a legend in my eyes.

  2.  Excellent


    Please don't listen to those giving this show one star, they really do not know what they are talking about. Amy Pond could be the best companion ever, and the show is really improved across the board. Vincent and the Doctor is quite possibly one of the best bits of drama I have ever seen. A must have

  3.  Best Christmas Special Ever


    This was brilliant I thought, Michael Gambon was genius. People who give this 1 star need to go take a look at themselves, honestly would they prefer a giant red screaming spider...geese.

    Also this constant talk of ratings... im glad it isnt just a really broad show with terrible ham acting and extras the show has really gone up in overall quality across the board. Plus tennant tended to shamelessly appear in anything he could towards the end.

    Steven Moffat is just a million times better than Russell T Davies...biggest problem is its too scary for kids!

  4.  Best of the New Series by a mile


    While David Tennant was brilliant, he wasnt helped by some terrible plots from Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat who wrote the best episodes of all the previous series, Series 1-Empty Child, Series 2 - Girl in the Fireplace, Series 3- Blink and Series 4- Silence in the Library, has now taken over and it shows. People who give this show 1 star can't really like good t.v because it is just so much better written.

    Possibly a bit dark for kids but doctor who should have a scare factor. This is excellent

  5.  Excellent


    This t-shirt is pretty flawless, you get a decent size length wise without having long or baggy sleeves. In general its a well fitted shirt. Also the print is excellent quality : if you are a fan of the Old Star Wars films then this tee fits the bill.

  6.  Excellent


    I actually really enjoyed this. So was a little shocked to see all the bad reviews. Was a tad ruder than the usual stand up but think it makes it different and a nice change. Well worth a watch.

  7.  so bad you may find it funny.


    please be warned that the only way you will find this funny is if you are laughing at quite how bad it is. Terrible acting, unecessarily crude jokes and awful script. I am a 20 year old man and this does not appeal to our age group, it doesnt even compare to the inbetweeners : buy at your own risk!